Lely Attis PT130




Lely have developed two turntable trailed wrapper models with a loading arm. The PT 130 is the basic model featuring a rugged loading arm, exceptionally low wrapping table and semi‑automatic control.



Tremendous output

The Lely Attis PT 130 is fitted with a loading arm that can place bales with a diameter of up to 130 cm and a weight of up to 1,000 kg on the wrapping table in one sequence. The bale guides keep the bale firmly positioned on the wrapping table so that the wrapping process continues while moving on to the next bale. Depending upon the number of film layers, these wrappers can wrap up to 60 bales per hour.


Always the correct number of film layers

The Lely Attis PT 130 is equipped with an E-Link Basic semi-automatic control unit for automatic operation or for using each function individually, i.e. loading, wrapping, cutting film and discharging. A rotation counter gives the operator an acoustic signal once the wrapping table has completed the correct number of rotations. When the operator stops the wrapping table, the film clamp closes and the wrapping table is tilted backwards.


Adjustable pre-stretch system saves film

The pre-stretchers can be fitted with 500 mm or 750 mm film rollers. The adjustable pre-stretch system saves film and ensures that the film is wrapped tightly around the bale. Thanks to a quick lock system an empty film roll can be replaced quickly and easily. The draw bar has the capacity to carry three additional rolls of film.


Compact on the road

Switching from a working position into a compact transport position is easy. Simply lift the right-hand rear wheel with the loading arm and change the wheel position. This reduces the track width by 35 cm.


Gentle lowering to the ground

Due to the exceptionally low build of the PT 130 model, the wrapped bale is lowered to the ground gently after the wrapping table is tilted backwards.


Solid construction for intensive use

The simple yet outstandingly rugged construction of the frame, combined with the robust steel tubing, ensures long machine life.


E-link Basic

The Lely Attis PT 130 is equipped with an E-link Basic semi-automatic control to steer an automatic program or each separate function.


Fast pick-up and gentle discharge of bales

Lely Attis round bale wrappers are fitted with different systems to pick up and lower bales. Yet they have two things in common. They place the bale on the wrapping table effortlessly, without impairing the shape of the bale and the bale is always lowered gently to the ground avoiding film damage. Both the Attis PT and PS 160 models allow simultaneous transport of bales on the wrapping table and on the loading arm.


Secure bale pick-up with a strong loading arm

The build of the rugged loading arm is very solid and it ensures that bales are placed on the wrapping table without effort and in one single movement.


Driving when wrapping

The bale guides keep the bale in a firm position on the wrapping table. This makes it possible to drive during wrapping. The bale remains firmly positioned on the wrapping table, even in hilly conditions.


Gentle discharge of bales due to the low position of the wrapping table

The position of the wrapping table of the PT 130 and PS 160 models is exceptionally low. After the wrapping process, the table tilts backwards and gently rolls the bale onto the ground. This eliminates the risk of film damage.


Proper wrapping for high-quality fodder

To ensure proper fodder conservation, tight and airtight packing of the bale is essential. The fermentation process can then start quickly. Depending upon the crop and the required storage period you can easily set the number of film layers yourself. The wrapping table automatically sets the required number of rotations and ensures correct film overlap. An acoustic signal tells the operator when the wrapping process is finished.


Wrapping with pre-stretching and correct overlap

Once the bale is positioned on the wrapping table, the wrapper accelerates up to the correct speed in a controlled manner. The wrapping program automatically runs the pre-set number of rotations and ensures correct overlap of the film layers. Thanks to the exchangeable gears on the pre‑stretchers, the film is wrapped around the bale with a 55% or 70% pre-stretch.


Film clamps ensuring a tight grip

When the wrapping program has completed the correct number of rotations, the film clamp holds the film tightly. A strong sharp knife cuts the film neatly. The film clamps hold the film tightly and the next wrapping cycle can begin.


Easy change of film rollers

A quick lock system on the film stretchers ensures that the empty rolls of film can be changed easily and quickly. The film stretcher is opened and closed by adjusting a lever.


A strong construction due to advanced production techniques

The simple yet exceptionally strong frame construction ensures long machine life. Wherever possible, the steel tubes were manufactured from one piece of steel rather than welding, thus reducing welding seams to the bare minimum. In addition to the appeal of this type of construction, it also offers the advantage of improved strength due to less parts. A square tube is shaped into exactly the right angle without undue deformation while maintaining proper wall thickness


Large gears and a heavy chain

The drive line of the wrapping table has exceptionally large gears and a heavy drive chain for a long life span.


Robust design of the drawbar

The draw bar is of a very strong build and can withstand heavy force. Hitch height is adjustable to ensure effective coupling to the tractor.


Strong loading arm

The loading arm of the PT 130 consists of one single part.



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