Lely Welger RP 445

445Lely Welger RP445


Variable means flexible. And that characterizes this wide range of round balers.


Whether operating in hay, straw or wet silage, the Lely Welger RP 445 model offers you the best performance. There is a lot of flexibility in the wide range of possibilities that this machine has to offer. Bale density, bale diameter, tying material and even cutting length can be controlled from the baler handset in the tractor cab if necessary.


Feed rotor or chopping unit

According to your requirements and applications, the baler can be fitted with either a feed rotor or one of three different types of chopping units. The 500 mm feed rotor features an exceptionally wide opening towards the bale chamber ensuring its huge – and renowned – output. The durable rotor has tines made from resilient steel.


The benefits of an efficient chopping unit

• Lower costs per bale due to increased bale density.
• Improved forage intake due to improved preservation and feed quality.
• Time saving because of easier processing of the feed.

The additional investment in a chopping system is always worthwhile and therefore the Lely Welger RP 445 range comprises three configurations with 13, 17 or 25 knives.


Mastercut13 – Rigid and affordable

The comprehensive range of state-of-the-art chopping units starts with the Mastercut13. The crop is cut thoroughly by 13 extra-long knives, reaching deep into the ring area of the 500 mm cutting rotor. Crops can be chopped to a bare minimum of 90 mm. The two-star rotor guarantees an impressive crop throughput.


Xtracut17 – High throughput and optimal ease of operation

The 17 knives of this chopping unit are divided in two groups of 8 and 9 knives respectively; which can be selected by the operator – via the E-link hand set – from the tractor cab. The 500 mm diameter chopping rotor has an exceptionally open construction ensuring that the spirally configured tines have a large grip of the crop. Due to this rotor construction, crop throughput to the bale chamber is massive ensuring high output when baling high volume crops.

Xtracut25 – Maximum comfort and optimum chopping facilities

The Lely Welger 445 can be fitted with an Xtracut25 chopping system with selectable knife banks. The 25 knives can be split into different groups, which can be used independently of one another. The operator can select 25, 13 or 12 knives from the E-link handset in the tractor cab without having to physically remove the knives saving both time and effort.

Due to the large number of tines – four on each ring – the Profi rotor has a tremendous grip on the crop ensuring year round silage operations. This high-grade rotor guarantees non-stop performance and superior chopping quality in all crop types and weather conditions.


Wide pick-up – Large swaths

As standard, the RP 445 model comes with a 2.25 m wide free running pick-up with five tine bars. Pick‑up capacity is huge; the long 5.60 mm tines have large coils and are therefore ideal to lift the crop from the stubble. Due to the 2.25 m width of the pick‑up, wide swaths can be picked up easily, even when making sharp turns with the machine. The pick-up suspension is adjustable and in combination with the height chains, flexible tines and pick-up wheels, excellent ground contour following and the cleanest possible forage are ensured.


Powersplit – Split power drive concept…

Obviously, machines with a massive throughput need a drive system that is able to withstand the consequent high loads. The rugged Powersplit transmission (with oil-bath) equally divides the amount of power required by the rotor and the bale chamber. Thanks to the Powersplit transmission, all shafts rotate in the correct direction straight away so that additional transmissions are not required while power loss remains restricted at the same time.


Additional Drive System

All RP 445 models include an additional belt drive eliminating slipping of belts and ensuring correct operation in the heaviest of crops.


Opticlean rollers

The Opticlean rollers do not only keep the belts clean. In addition, they ensure smooth running of the belts plus net feeding without any problem.


Flexibility of control

The RP 445 model can be fitted with either the simpler Balercontrol E or the more comprehensive E-link.


• Acoustic signal to indicate that the required bale diameter has been reached.
• Manual or automatic start of tying (net or twine).
• Bale counter.
• Total number of bales.

Extra on E-link; set-up from the tractor cab of:
• Bale density.
• Bale diameter.
• Net length.
• Knife banks.

Pre-selection of hydraulic functions for:
• Knife floor.
• Folding the knives in and out.
• Pick-up.


As standard, the Lely Welger RP 445 model comes with:

• 2.25 m free running pick-up.
• Feed rotor with 500 mm diameter.
• Powersplit drive.
• Varionet net tying system.
• Balercontrol E.
• Automatic chain lubrication.
• Fixed pick-up wheels.
• ADS – Additional Drive System.
• Opticlean roller.
• Crop press roller.



• Castor wheels for pick-up.
• Mastercut13 chopping unit.
• Xtracut17 chopping unit.
• Xtracut25 chopping unit.
• Hydroflexcontrol.
• E-link control.
• Variotwine tying system.
• Variotwine and Varionet Combi tying.
• Drive shaft with shear bolt.
• Drive shaft with cam clutch.
• Bale discharge ramp.



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