Lely Welger RPC 445 Tornado


A variable chamber provides the opportunity to produce bales with different diameters with great ease.

Consequently, you can always produce bales with optimum efficiency, or respond to customer requirements. Obviously, you require the same flexibility from the wrapping system. After all, the film should cover the heart of the bale and the number of rotations should be consistent with the bale diameter and the required number of film layers. Thus, all bales are perfectly wrapped, costs for film are correct and wrapping times are minimal.

The Lely Welger RPC 445 Tornado is the first baler/wrapper that meets this full set of requirements. The Tornado operates amazingly fast and automatically adjusts the entire wrapping process to the bale diameter.


The Tornado wrapping system – the new benchmark!

The entirely new set-up of this baler/wrapper springs from the idea of the designing a wrapping system that is so fast that bales with a diameter of between 0.90 – 1.60 m can be perfectly wrapped.


Tail gate open, tail gate closed and off you go

If you want to be really fast, you need to utilize every split second, just like a 100 m sprinter. And this is exactly what the wrapping system does. The machine’s quick bale transfer is a perfect example of optimum time saving; the baler being positioned higher, the bale – steered by the bale guidance – is transferred smoothly onto the wrapping table. As a result the tail gate can be closed immediately. At the same time, the ring wrapper makes optimum use of the space behind the tailgate. The fact is that the Tornado is already wrapping even before the tail gate is closed…


Fast and steady bale transfer

The major gain of speed is in the bale transfer; even with difficult angles, the bale will smoothly roll onto the wrapping table. The transfer between the baler and wrapping table is smooth and accurate even on steep slopes.


Smooth drive – little maintenance

The ring is driven by rubber drive rollers whilst two other rollers ensure position is maintained as well tensioning the ring. Also, the ring is supported by rubber rollers so that the entire assembly operates very smoothly and noise free. The brake device consists of brake shoes that are pressed against the wrapping ring.


Automatically adjusted to any bale

The essential factors for automatic operation of the wrapper are bale diameter and the required number of film layers. Therefore, the bale diameter is measured during net tying and passed on to the wrapping system, which immediately adjusts the correct height of the wrapping ring. Thereafter, the computer calculates the number of rotations that are needed to provide the bale with the required number of film layers. Easy variation and utmost versatility mean that if the last bale in the field does not reach the required bale diameter or, quite the opposite, gets slightly bigger, that is no problem at all. The Tornado wrapping system measures every bale, so that the wrapper adjusts to the correct settings at the moment of net tying. This is the ultimate in flexibility!


Correct rpm quickly reached

Time saving during the wrapping process contributes greatly to the short cycle time of this baler/wrapper. Due to the smooth drive of the ring wrapper, the film rollers can be quickly adjusted to correct rpm rates. The film clamps also play an important part. Thanks to the re‑engineered construction, only a small opening is required to release the film and consequently the wrapper does not have to slow down without need.


Baling without wrapping

The wrapper can be switched off for the baling of hay or straw, the completed bale would then be transferred via the table to the ground or retained until a second bale is formed so two bales can be deposited together.


Film clamps – large reach, smooth operation

Because of the varying film height, the film clamps need to have a very large reach. Therefore, the Two Step film clamps have an exceptionally wide opening through two steps. The locking method ensures maximum grip on the film so that it is properly cut and held in position.


A well-known baler with a new feeding system

The heart of this baler/wrapper – the familiar RP 445 variable baler – has proven its outstanding bale density, output and reliability for many years. On that score, there is absolutely no doubt and the new 800 mm cutting rotor adds a new dimension to its reputation. The generous set-up of the rotor – with six tines on each ring – features the Xtracut25 chopping unit.


Hydroflex, of course!

Every Lely Welger baler with a chopper rotor can be fitted with the Hydroflex feeding channel floor. The rubber blocks ensure that the floor can flex downwards underneath the rotor so that a stone or crop lump can pass. Should a blockage occur the floor can pivot downwards so that the problem can be easily sorted.


New free running pick-up

The Tornado features a re-engineered 2.25 m wide pick-up without a cam. The revolution speed of the five tine bar pick-up, augers and rotor have been adjusted in such a way that a perfect pick-up and flow of crop are ensured. Since the pick-up does not have a cam track, the number of rotating parts is minimal making this combination baler/wrapper even more reliable and maintenance-friendly.


Exceptionally compact in transport

Up to now, roads with hedges, narrow bridges and gates have always remained an obstacle for many agricultural machines. This new baler/wrapper combination has been designed so that its transport width remains restricted to a mere 2.80 m with a length of only 5.75 m! Combined with the wide tyres, the upshot is an outstandingly manoeuvrable, stable and versatile machine.


As standard, the Tornado comes with

• 2.25 m free running pick-up castor wheels for pick‑up.
• Profi rotor with 800 mm diameter.
• Xtracut25 chopping unit.
• Hydroflexcontrol.
• ADS drive system and Opticlean rollers.
• Varionet net tying system.
• Pro-link control unit.
• Automatic chain lubrication.
• Drive shaft with cam clutch.
• Storage for 12 rolls of film.
• Tyres Flotation Pro 710/40R22.5.
• Film break sensors.



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