Lely Storm 75

Lely_storm_75Lely Storm 75


The Lely Storm 75 model is the best possible proof that modern forage harvesting technique can also be very cost-positive.


.This harvester has seen more than 40 years of on‑going development and still meets the latest technology requirements. Today, this model has evolved to offer the latest technology for small and medium-sized farmers. Giving them access to a level of technology that would not normally be expected in this class of machinery.


Unique drive

The flywheel, feed rollers and pre-compaction rollers as well as the cutting rollers are all driven from PTO shafts and gearboxes with oil baths, i.e. no chains at all. This means: minimal wear and tear, minor maintenance as well as optimum stability. For operations with a PTO extension, the lateral PTO shaft can be dismounted.


Self-sharpening chopping unit, intake with optimal pre-compaction

The Lely Storm 75 features two self-grinding, serrated cutting discs to chop the maize stalk in a clean manner. Two feed rollers plus spring-loaded compaction rollers ensure a steady crop flow towards the flywheel as well as optimal compaction before chopping. The feed rollers and pre-compaction rollers are driven from a maintenance-free gearbox with hardened spur gears plus oil bath. As standard, the torpedo feature tips for flat-lying maize. A device for lifting maize stalks is available as an optional extra.


Overload safety

The complete crop intake system is protected by means of an overload safety system. This means that a cumbersome change of shear pins is not necessary; harvesting can be resumed as soon as the blockage is freed.


Twelve blades for precise chopping

Thanks to its stable chopping unit, the Lely Storm ensures an excellent forage structure and, hence, optimum quality. Twelve special blades, adjustable rasp bars as well as a tungsten-carbide coated shear bar (that can be used on two sides) ensure exact chopping of the crop. Cutting length can be adjusted easily and comfortably (5.0 or 7.5 mm) by means of the gearbox for chopping length adjustment.


Shredder plates for total crushing of ripe kernels

For operations in hard maize, two shredder plates – which can be inserted into the bottom of the flywheel housing – make sure that even kernels with a very high dry matter content are fully crushed.


Sharpening and adjusting – simple, fast and efficient

Grinding and adjusting; mere child’s play as well as extremely fast. Thanks to the built-in sharpening device, the blades are sharpened in next to no time. The centrally adjustable flywheel is easily set to the shear bar with one simple action.


Chopping length adjustment

Gearbox with oil bath, overload protection for crop intake system. Adjustment of chopping length: 5.0 or 7.5 mm.


Comfortable cable control

Both the spout and the ejection flap can be adjusted infinitely from the tractor cab by means of a cable control. A hydraulic spout adjustment is available as an optional extra.


High crop throughput

This exceptionally rugged chopping unit is one of the best methods for harvesting high quality fodder. The 450 mm wide intake system guarantees a huge crop throughput. Four aggressive feed rollers ensure optimum pre-compaction of the crop and transport it consistently to the flywheel. The flywheel is fitted with a maximum of 12 blades and blowing paddles; this ensures precise cutting of the crop as well as a powerful blowing performance.


Powerful crop intake system

Two lower feed rollers plus two spring-loaded pre-compaction rollers on top ensure optimal compaction and a smooth, consistent crop flow. The compaction roller guides are designed for each roller to adapt itself separately depending on crop volume.


Low maintenance direct drive

The feed rollers are driven by high-capacity PTO shafts and are individually protected from overload by slip clutches. The Profi models feature a metal detector, which immediately stops the crop intake the second it detects an obstacle.


Reversing system

Crop intake can be adjusted to forward, reverse or neutral by means of the electrohydraulically controlled reversing system. The intake auger of the pick-up is lifted hydraulically at the same time reversing takes place. This system allows any crop blockage to be cleared quickly using the handset in the tractor cab.


Easy adjustment of chopping length

By changing the gears in the gearbox, the operator can quickly adjust the chopping length within the range from 5 to 36 mm without having to use any tools.


Lely Storm – unrivalled harvesting quality, ultimate output and efficiency

The Lely Storm achieves an excellent ratio of power requirement versus throughput. Thanks to its low energy requirements, the machine ensures considerable saving of fuel and, hence, environmentally-friendly forage harvesting. A maximum of 12 blades and blowing paddles guarantee precise chopping plus powerful ejection for all types of crop.


Easy running plus unsurpassed harvesting quality

Due to the flywheel effect, these forage harvesters produce a great deal of kinetic energy, which ensures sudden increased loads are dealt with easily. Peak loads are levelled out and the r.p.m. rate remains consistent. Results: a consistent chop length and a 20% reduction in energy requirements.


Reduced risk of foreign objects

The massive flywheel, in combination with its complimentary housing have proven that the flywheel forage harvester is far less susceptible to intrusion of foreign objects than cylinder-type machines.


Exact and smooth chopping

The vertical chopping action along with a maximum of 12 special blades guarantees precise chopping ensuring optimal utilisation of energy throughout the chopping process.


Powerful and rapid filling of trailers

Thanks to the large flywheel diameter and the maximum of 12 blowing paddles, the crop is ejected consistently with tremendous blowing power. The blowing paddles feature adjustable wear plates that can be used on four sides. A standard double hinged ejection flap avoids extreme deflection of the crop flow and prevents blockages.


Shear bar can be used on both sides

The shear bar can be used on both sides; it has a tungsten-carbide coating and can be simply dismounted and reinstalled.


Simple grinding – always sharp blades

The easily operated knife sharpener gives knives an accurate, uniform edge. During grinding, the flywheel rotates at a low speed and the grinding disc is easily wound in to sharpen the blades. In next to no time, the blades are razor-sharp again. Thanks to the central adjustment, the flywheel is set to the ideal distance from the shear bar very quickly; simply unlock and adjust without any special tools!


Unique on-board hydraulics

The on-board hydraulics ensure a precise and independent oil flow. A built-in oil pump with its own oil reservoir supplies the hydraulic power for raising the pick-up, reversing the drive, and spout rotation. All functions can be comfortably controlled from the electrohydraulic handset in the tractor cab.



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