Fieldking Power Harrow





The FieldKing Power Harrow is used to turn, break, refine and produce an even distribution of soil over the entire working width to create a perfect seed bed. It breaks up even the most compacted ground, often in single pass for preparing an area for plantation..

It consists of multiple set of blades which counter-rotate about a vertical axis, which leaves the soil with a softer look and granulated yet leveled appearance, as required for sowing seeds or seedlings.


Available from Central Hills Machinery with either 7, 9 or 11 rotors with optional crumbler. 



  • Rotors run on ball bearings for high power application.
  • Protection shield for upper rotor bearing eliminates possible damage to main transmission.
  • Depth controller is provided for depth control and to level the soil bed.
  • Self-adjustable side stone deflector is provided for safety by not allowing the stones to scatter.




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