Lely Hibiscus CD

cdAfter a decade of developing cam rakes, Lely presents a fine example of Lely innovation by launching a complete new range of Hibiscus central delivery double-rotor rakes.

Maintaining reliability and enhancing functionality and ease of control was the major engineering goal for the development. The result: four compact and rugged rakes have everything it takes to ensure the cleanest possible delivery of optimal swaths under all circumstances.


Four models, many working widths

The range of Hibiscus double-rotor central delivery rakes consists of four models and many working widths. The Hibiscus 715 CD has three working widths: 6.75m, 6.90m and 7.05m. The swath width varies between 1.20m and 1.50m. The maximum working width of the Hibiscus 745 model is 7.35m with a swath width that varies from 1.25m to 1.75m. The 815 model has a working width of 7.45m and 7.95m and a swath width of 1.25m and 1.80m. The 915 model has a maximum working width of 9.00 m and can form swaths of from 1.25m to 2.25m.


Vario offers many possibilities

As standard, all Vario rakes feature a hydraulic working width adjustment. During the raking operation, the tractor driver has the possibility to adjust the working width and, hence, the swath width by means of a doubleacting spool valve. The spool valve for pushing the arms in and out is also used to lower them for transport and secure them at the same time.


Stable driving – maximum capacity

A unique feature of all CD models is the cardanic suspension with the pivot points located slightly in front of the center of the rotor, which ensures stability. The smart front wheel assembly – close to the tines – ensures clean raking while the wheel at the back of the carriage carries the weight of the rotor. The 815 and 915 models feature extra tandem wheels at the back for increased stability as well as a quiet run of the bigger rotors.


Perfect ground contour following

The rotors have a universally jointed suspension to the chassis whereby the cross-shaped pivot point is configured before the rotors. Consequently, the pivot point can be positioned as low as possible so that the rotors have a smoother action as well as following ground contours more effectively.


Headland position: as it should be

During lifting on headlands, the rotors move quickly into a position that is high enough to clear previously made swaths. The sward remains intact; since the suspension point of the rotors is moved further forward, the front of the rotor is lifted first and upon lowering, the rear wheels touch the ground first.

Optimum ease of control

Several operations – folding the machine, adjusting the working width as well as the exceptionally ample and fast headland manoeuvres – are set up in such a way that they can all be controlled through a double-acting spool valve. There are no more ropes for folding out the rake as the machine locks and unlocks itself.


Convenient adjustments for proper raking

Next to the variable working width these rakes also feature adjustments for the working depth and the camtrack timing. The height adjustment can be reached from the side and has a stable and precise spindle. A height indicator on the rotor is helpful for setting up an even height for both rotors. The rotor timing can be changed to optimise swath shape by big changes in crop circumstances.


Exact steering in the field and on the road

The robust steering system connects the headstock to the rear wheels and is designed to have the center of the turning circle in the middle of the rotors. This offers the best possibilities for clean raking in corners and leaving nice curved swaths for the balers, loader wagons or harvesters without any damage to the sward because of minimum friction with the rotor wheels. The same system ensures convenient road transport.


Lely Hibiscus 715 CD

• Working widths of 6.75 m, 6.90 m and 7.05 m.
• Swath widths of 1.20 m to 1.50 m.
• Rotor diameter of 3.20 m.
• Ten tine arms with four double Ro-tines each.
• Transport width of only 2.50 m.
• Extremely compact on the road.


Lely Hibiscus 915 CD Vario

• Working width of 8.00 – 9.00 m.
• Swath width between 1.20 – 2.20 m.
• Rotor diameter of 3.80 m.
• 13 tine arms with four double Ro-tines per arm.
• 6 wheels rotor carriage with large 18.5/8.5‑8 wheels.
• Transport height of 3.65 m with the tine arms taken off.
• Time saving tine arm storage above the rotor.
• Easily foldable side guards.
• No headland damage due to large 15.0/55‑17 wheels.


Easy road transport

Due to the compact construction of these models road transport is made easy. The width of the Hibiscus 745 CD Vario is no more than 2.50 m and this – combined with the steered rear wheels – provides a major benefit when driving on narrow roads and when negotiating narrow passageways. On the 915 CD model, the tine arms can be removed to achieve a transport / storage height of 3.65 m; transport height is 4.30 m with the tine arms fitted. The machine locks and unlocks itself.



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