Lely Hibiscus SD


A cam rake should allow fast operations as well as the possibility to lay down an effective swath with the correct shape and width. After all, a good swath is decisive for the output and cutting action of the baler, forage harvester or pick-up loader wagon.

The weather is always highly unpredictable and this uncertain factor is decisive for the growth of crops and hence on the number of cuts that can be harvested in the course of one season. With the Hibiscus SD side delivery rakes Lely offers optimum flexibility to dairy farmers and contractors alike. This universal double rotor side delivery rake lay down the ideal swath for the following operation in all conditions.


Easy to operate – essential for a side delivery rake

To be able to use the output of side delivery rakes to their full potential, the operator will have to get used to the side delivery principle. With the Hibiscus 765 SD side delivery rakes, this learning process is exceptionally simple, because all functions can be easily controlled from the tractor cab. If an angled piece of field needs to be raked, both rotors can be easily lifted into the headland position after which the operator simply reverses.


Lifting the rotors one by one on headlands

Hydraulic lifting of the Hibiscus rotors into the headland position is designed in such a way that the front rotor is lifted first, followed by the rear rotor. This enables the operator to drive into headlands, without having to wait or slow down.


Full adaptation of the rotors

The rotors of the Hibiscus 765 SD (Vario) are suspended by means of a 3D system and ground contour following by the rotors is optimised with the aid of the four wheel assembly. With the 765 SD the four wide tyres can pivot to avoid scuffing the turf. The two front wheels are as close as possible to the front tine tips. Consequently, the rotors have a stable run and the tines touch the surface – contamination is reduced to the bare minimum. The standard Ro-tines assure the unrivalled output of this rake and ensure that a clean and airy swath is laid down.


Turning on headlands – ample clearance

In addition to ensuring a long life, the suspension of the rotors in the A-frame – a cleverly engineered Lely concept – offers additional benefits. The pivot points of the rotors are underneath the shaft, so that the rotors are lifted perpendicularly on headlands. This ensures ample clearance and even the biggest swaths are left untouched when the machine passes over.


Wide in the field and compact during transport

When in the transport position, both rotors are folded very close to the main frame, so that the transport width is only 2.45 m. This makes getting through narrow gateways or frequent road transport much easier. Transport height of the machine (with the tine arms fitted) is less than 4 m. With the Hibiscus model 765 SD Vario the outer tine arms can be removed and stored in the handy rack above the rotor. Height is then reduced to 3.10 m; a truly ideal benefit!


765 SD Master rotor

For the 765 SD model Hibiscus rakes , the maintenance-free modular Master rotor is also used. This rotor has 13 tine arms – each fitted with four double Ro-tines – and a diameter of 3.65 m. The cam track is adjustable to ensure the right pick-up of the crop as well as optimum swaths. Working height can be easily adjusted for both rotors by means of an infinitely adjustable wind handle.


Lely Hibiscus 655 SD Classic and 765 SD

The basic models adequately perform all the functions that are needed for a side delivery rake. With the Hibiscus SD rakes, Lely offers two big output rakes with an attractive price to quality ratio, a rugged build, well-known Lely technology, optimum ease of operation as well as minimal maintenance. These machines have a working width of 6.50 and 7.60 m respectively, and can lay down a single swath or – with a second working pass – a double swath. In the latter case, the total working width of the 765 SD is 15.20m.


Hibiscus 765 SD Vario – unrivalled possibilities

The position of the rotors can be changed hydraulically, which makes the 765 SD Vario model the most universal rake of our range. The working width of this machine can be varied between 5 and 7.60 m for single swaths, or between one or two small swaths in case of a single working pass. This is adjusted by the position of the reversible steering plate of the transport wheels.


Highly lenient

To make these operations possible, the machine is fitted as standard with some extra features, such as a second swath curtain as well as a reversible hydraulic steering plate. Thus, two concepts are offered in one on the same machine.


Two swaths in one single working pass

The Hibiscus 765 SD Vario can lay down a single swath in the first working pass, or a double swath in the second working pass. By steering the rear rotor to the left – done from the tractor cab – the operator eliminates the overlap between the front and rear rotor. By fitting the second swath curtain, the operator can lay down two swaths in one working pass at a working width of 8.50m. The width of the two swaths then is 1.20m each.


Narrowing down – an easy job

In this position, the Hibiscus 765 SD Vario can lay down a single swath in the first working pass with an adjustable working width between a minimum of 5 m and a maximum of 7.60 m. This operation can be hydraulically controlled from the tractor cab during raking and it offers the operator a huge variety in working width.


Easy manoeuvring in spite of considerable length

Hibiscus SD rakes are outstandingly manoeuvrable, because the machine is “true to track” due to linked steering on both wheels. In spite of the machine’s total length of 9 m, it is easy to turn on headlands or steer the machine into a field. The rugged construction of the wheel axles and steering rods only goes to show that these rakes are built for true professionals.



HIBISCUS 655 SD Classic 765 SD 765 SD Vario
Working width 1 sw (m) 5.80 – 6.50 6.70 – 7.60 5.00 – 7.60
Swath width 1 sw (m) 1.20 – 1.50 1.20 – 1.80 1.20 – 1.80
Working width 2 sw (m) 8.30
Swath width 2 sw (m) 1.20 – 1.80
Number of arms / rotors 11 / 2 13 / 2 13 / 2
Weight (kg) 2,225 2,855 3,005
Power required (kW / HP) 48 / 65 55 / 75 55 / 75



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