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The new series of single rakes consists of three mounted models and a large trailed model.  The Hibiscus 485 – with a rotor diameter of 3.80 m – is the largest single rotor rake on the market! The rakes are of a very rugged construction, with the Head-Lock system as an example of innovative thinking. In spite of the ever growing availability of twin rotor rakes, single rotor cam rakes still occupy a prominent place within the range of Hibiscus rakes. Therefore, two new models have now been added to Lely’s range of single rotor cam rakes: Hibiscus 425 S and Hibiscus 455 S.

For smaller and medium-sized dairy farms the single rotor rake is an efficient as well as affordable investment to achieve ideal swaths. Due to the unrivalled ease of operation and flexibility of operation – not confined by a fixed swath width – single rotor rakes are the ideal choice for many dairy farmers.


A suitable rake for every farmer

The four models of Hibiscus single rotor rakes are available in three different working widths. The Hibiscus models 425 S and 455 S are fitted with 11 tine arms and their respective working width is 4.25 and 4.55 m. The Hibiscus 485 S model has a working width of 4.85 m and comes in two versions. As standard this Hibiscus model is supplied as a machine for three point linkage. The Hibiscus model 485 P, however, comes as a trailed rake and features its own hydraulic lift system. All of these single rotor Hibiscus rakes are fitted with the modular Master rotor including a low-maintenance cam track.


Reliable and simple

Hibiscus single rotor rakes have an outstandingly rugged construction. The simplicity of construction is reflected in an attractive purchase price as well as a long machine life. To be able to lift the large rotors, the main frame is made out of one piece ensuring its enormous strength.


Into the transport position – a quick job

The protection guards can be folded out very easily, and they are unlocked in less than no time. The bracket onto which the heavy swath curtain is fitted has an assist spring to eliminate backbreaking lifting when folding up the guards. For transport the tine arms can be easily removed and stored alongside the frame.


Abundant clearance in the headland position

The simple construction of the Hibiscus single rotor rakes conceals their clever engineering. Integrated into the newly developed headstock is the locking system Head-Lock. This system has been designed specifically for Hibiscus single rotor rakes and it ensures trouble-free horizontal lifting of the rake. The top link is connected with the pivoting arm that locks the machine before lifting. Due to the Head-Lock system the rake does not hang down backwards and the rake is immediately fixed in the central position. The freedom that the rake has during its operation can be used to the maximum for making sharp bends. Due to the maximum angle of 25° of the headstock and frame, the machine has a particularly short turning circle.


Rugged Master rotors

The heart of all these machines is the Master rotors. The 480 mm wide, chrome steel tine-arm shafts with bearings are – just like those of all other Hibiscus rakes – manufactured from one piece. The absence of unnecessary welding or components increases the strength of the arm and thus contributes to the durability of the rake. The tine-arm shafts have an internal profile, to which the profile of the tine arms – with the four double Ro-tines – connects perfectly.


Quiet machine run due to tandem axles

In order to adequately support these robust rotors, the single rakes are fitted as standard with tandem shafts. An important benefit of the tandem shaft is the quiet running of the machine, due to which the output of the rotor can be fully utilised.


Many possibilities for working height adjustment

The working height can be infinitely adjusted with the aid of an easily accessible wind handle. Furthermore, there is also the option of an extra height adjustment system by means of the bolt/hole adjustment on the undercarriage.


The world champion!

Due to its wide rotor diameter of 3.85 m, the Hibiscus 485 S can rightly be called the biggest single rake in the world. For effective support of the large Master rotor, with thirteen tine arms, the model 485 S is fitted with extra large 18.5” wheels.


Lely Hibiscus 485 P – the convenience of a trailed machine

The mounted version of the Hibiscus model 485 requires considerable lifting power and a relatively large tractor. Because this does not correspond with the power needed by the rake, a trailed version of the largest single rake has been developed. This rake is fitted with a special six-wheel undercarriage, that is partly raised during transport. A short shaft connects the rake to the tractor, while a wide-angle PTO is for the drive.


Quickly into the headland position

The machine is lifted horizontally with the aid of two connected rams on the carriage and one ram on the shaft. The order has been selected so that the front part of the rake is released from the ground first, followed by the rear side. Obviously, when lowering the machine, this order is in reverse.


Working height

The machine offers ample facilities for precise adjustment. The ram on the shaft also includes an adjustable stop to make sure the rake is adjusted exactly level, or perhaps slightly tilted to the front.


Hibiscus 485 P in transport

Once the guards have been folded up and the tine arms removed, the machine is exceptionally compact and can therefore be easily transported. The special torsion shaft, integrated into the carriage, absorbs shocks to ensure steady road performance as well as long machine life. A lighting kit is supplied with the Hibiscus 485 P model as standard (option for the models 455 S and 485 S).



HIBISCUS 425 S 455 S 485 S 485 P
Working width 3.20 – 4.25 3.50 – 4.55 3.80 – 4.75 3.80 – 4.75
Number of arms 11 11 13 13
Swath width (m) 1.10 – 1.40 1.10 – 1.40 1.10 – 1.40 1.10 – 1.40
Weight (kg) 705 765 850 875
Power required (kW / HP) 48 / 65 51 / 70 59 / 80 37 / 50



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