Lely Tigo R

rLely Tigo R


Working with a loader wagon is the quickest way to harvest your crops.


Loader wagons can finely chop grass and they have a large loading capacity. The optimum loading of the wagon makes haulage as efficient as possible. The entry level models of rotary loader wagons in the Tigo series are derived from the larger Tigo R Profi wagons.

By adopting selected main features of these giants, a series of wagons has been created which offer higher capacity for progressive livestock farmers. The unique Tigo rotor ensures efficient chopping and loading. The non-steered pick-up is extremely low maintenance. Increased loading volumes make these machines exceptionally economical.


Optimum forage intake with five bar pick-up

The new pick-up on the Tigo R wagons has a working width of 1.80 m and has five non-steered tine bars with tines spaced 54 mm apart. This maintenance free pick-up consistently delivers clean work due to the fine-tuning of the pick-up rotational speed to that of the chopping rotor.


Chopping quality

The Tigo R chopping unit can be operated in two groups and can be fitted with 31 knives. This results in a minimum chopping length of 45 mm. The wide edges on the rotor tines together with these knives provide a highly precise chopping action. The knives are individually protected with the Trimatic knife protection system.


Unique in its class: gear-driven rotor

The chopping rotor of the Tigo R model is driven by extra heavy duty gears, which enables fluctuating loads to be handled with optimal efficiency. The direct driven rotor of the Tigo R stand out due to their smooth running and unparallelled durability.


Comfortable and stable running gear

The robust tandem axle unit offers maximum comfort and stability. The wagon may be equipped if required with a 16-tonne running gear which can be fitted with 620/40 R22.5 tyres in order to minimise turf damage. All vehicles can be equipped with a two terminal compressed air system (four-wheel braking system) with ALB (automatic load-dependent brakes).


Steering rear axle (optional equipment)

A steering rear axle (optional equipment) reduces tyre wear on hard ground. The steering rear axle can be locked hydraulically.



The Tigo R is available with a hydraulically foldable roughage superstructure. An ideal option for low clearances.


Automatic loading system (optional equipment)

The automatic loading system ensures optimum loading of the wagon so that each journey made is to maximum efficiency. The chopping rotor thrusts the crop upwards until a sensor in the roof is activated. Next, the floor shifts the load by a small amount at a time towards the back of the wagon until a second sensor at the tailgate detects that the maximum load has been taken on board and reports ‘Wagon full’. At the same time, the driver will receive an acoustic signal from their operator unit.


Heavy duty floor for rapid discharge

The hydraulic floor chain runs smoothly. It consists of two 10 mm chains with a breaking strength of 12.5 tonnes each, and robust carriers, which ensure that the wagon is unloaded quickly and safely. For extreme conditions 4-chain strands with offset carriers can be supplied as an option in lieu.


Lely Tigo RD – perfect discharging

Every Tigo R Profi loader wagon is available as an RD model with 2 or 3 discharge rollers. This discharge system spreads the forage evenly across the silo. The RD wagon can also be equipped with a hydraulically driven side discharge conveyor (optional) allowing forage to be discharged to the left or right-hand side of the machine. Available in two belt widths (550 and 700 mm) for optimum feed to the feeding area or fans. All RD models have a floor forward feed and reversing feed function and are equipped with a double wide-angle PTO shaft.


Electromagnetic control

The standard electro-hydraulic control on the Tigo R loader wagon enables all functions to be operated easily direct from the tractor cab.


Option: ISOBUS control for RD models

Loader wagons featuring the optional ISOBUS control can be operated by means of the standard control or through the tractor terminal. Due to the interface with the loader wagon, all functions can be controlled by the joystick in the tractor cab, which means optimal ease of control.



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