Lely Splendimo FC

fcLely Splendimo FC


The ease of mowing with a front mower and the increase in output that can be achieved with a mowing combination has contributed to the increasing popularity of the front mower in recent years.



The choices that you make for mowing – time of mowing, with or without conditioner, regular or wide swath – have a direct impact on the further processing of fodder. Nowadays, agricultural tractors are often supplied with a front lifting system and many extras to improve ease of operation. One way to best utilise this is to fit the tractor with a front and a rear mower. The very complete Splendimo front mower range completely matches the wishes and needs of modern large-scale farmers and contractors.


Get the maximum from your tractor

Splendimo front mowers are available in several versions and working widths of 2.40 m, 2.80 m and 3.20 m. Every Splendimo front mower has the standard characteristics such as the trailed suspension, a headland ram and the unique Lely cutter bar concept.


Trailed suspension, a must for every front mower

The loading on front mowers, due to the pushing movement of the tractor, is very high. The only way to correctly compensate for that is to make sure that the mower has sufficient freedom of movement and that a trailed motion is created.

Optimum freedom of movement

All Splendimo front mowers are suspended by means of a unique parallelogram suspension system in a special headstock. This system of trailed suspension guarantees perfect contour following and gives the mower a huge amount of freedom of movement in all directions.


Obstacles – no problem!

Because the front mower has no obstacle protection just like a rear mower, it is very important that the front mower can easily shift to the rear.


Ground pressure adjustment

In the parallelogram suspension a spring is incorporated, which relieves the pressure on the ground. The spring pulls constantly on the mower and, by adjusting the lifting height, the spring is given more or less tension, which changes the ground pressure of the mower.


Easy operation on headlands

For ease of operation on headlands, parallel to the spring, a single-action lifting ram is fitted. By utilising this headland ram, the front-lifting system remains at a fixed height and you can quickly make a lot of ground clearance so that that you can easily drive over existing mown swaths. When it is coupled to the front hydraulic lifting system, the mower section is first lifted, prior to raising the tractor’s front linkage system.


Availability of various drives

Front mowers are fitted as standard with a 1,000 rpm, clockwise rotating drive system. Ex-factory, various combinations of revolutions per minute and direction of rotation are possible.


From regular to wide swaths in a trice!

Due to the unique design of the conditioning rotor, swath guides and conditioning plates, it is possible with both models to quickly change from wide spread to swath formation. Ideal if you want to quickly switch to silage or if you come across a wet field where a swath is better than wide spread.


Splendimo 320 FC

The new model 320 FC has a wider and higher headstock, which makes this wide mower even more stable. The ground pressure can be adjusted in five positions with a pin-hole setting without having to change the lifting height. The headland lifting ram lifts the mower right up into the frame, so that there is ample ground clearance. The conditioner rotor of the Splendimo 320 FC is adjustable into three positions.


Technical Specifications

Working width (m) 2.80 3.20
Weight (kg) 845 1,035
Power reqd. (kW) 51 59
Swath width (m) 1.20 – 2.80 1.20 – 3.20



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