Lely Splendimo M

MLely Splendimo M Rear Mower


The choices that you make for mowing – time of mowing, with or without conditioner, regular or wide swath – have a direct impact on the further processing of fodder.


The new Splendimo M mowers have been improved in many ways and now excel in durability and ease of operation. The mowers, without conditioner, allow for a large flow-through of crop, making the quality of mowing and the capacity of the Lely Splendimo cutter bars stand out well.

The proven low power requirement is in keeping with the low weight of the mower itself, so that lighter tractors can also be used for cutting wider swaths. For this reason, this range of mowers are available with cutting widths from 2.80 to 3.60 meters (7.9 to 11.8 feet) – in combination with a front mower if required – is favoured by many livestock farmers.


Twin Pivot – the evolution of central suspension

For a high mowing output a reliable construction is required. Contour-following and stability, in particular with the larger working widths, determine the potential of the mower. Due to its central suspension and the twin pivot system, the mower has ample freedom of movement to smoothly follow the contours of the field independently of the movements of the tractor.


The right ground pressure for maximum performance

M-mowers must be able to be used under all kinds of terrain conditions and still offer maximum performance. Ground pressure is determined by varying the pressure in the hydro-pneumatic system for all conditions that the mower has to work in, which has a significant influence on the ground contour-following system and stability. This system can be adjusted easily via the tractor hydraulics, and, since there is a closed hydraulic circuit, the desired pressure setting is retained.


Robust construction aimed at reliability throughout

One of the most important characteristics is the simple but very reliable construction. Due to the use of the proper materials and the minimum number of components, the weight of the M-mower itself is very low and relatively light tractors can be used.


Can be combined easily – get more out of your tractor

The Splendimo M models are easy to combine with a front mower Splendimo 280 F or 320 F, enabling a very high output for a low investment and low power requirement. To ensure a good overlap with the front mower, the rear mower can be moved 25 cm further out by coupling it in a different position.


Fast maneuvering on headlands

Using the hydraulic cylinder, the mower can be raised and lowered quickly and easily on headlands. The ground clearance is amply sufficient to manoeuvre over the swaths.


Innovative non-stop protection against ALL obstacles

The new break-away protective device on M mowers is a unique feature that not only enables the mower to deflect away from foreign obstacles, but also responds to over loads in extreme circumstances or when harshly deployed on headlands. The mower always returns to its working position immediately as a result of its own weight. This increases the capacity and enhances the durability of the mower and driver comfort.


Lighter due to unique parallelogram action

The mower bed is attached to the headstock via a pivot point on the left coupling with the tractor and a parallelogram construction behind the right coupling. The moment an obstacle causes the mower to break back, the parallelogram construction causes the frame section behind the tractor to move backwards and upwards. This raises the pivot point for the suspension arm and increases the pressure in the hydraulic cylinder, making the mower section much lighter.


Maximum security for the longest life cycle

In the event of the mower breaking back , the bed moves backwards and upwards allowing obstacles to pass through the machine, or in extreme cases, causing the driver to stop.


Comfortable on the road

The M models fold into a 110° transport position. This reduces the height in the transport operation, and results in an extremely advantageous centre of gravity behind the tractor. The compact transport position enhances driver comfort during on-road operation.


Selectable swath width

Standard M mowers are equipped with one swath wheel on the right-hand side of the mower. An extra wheel can be supplied as an option for the left-hand side, as well as an additional swath wheel set for both sides. This makes M mowers well-suited to leave a wide or narrower swath.


Top Drive

Splendimo mowers incorporate a “Top Drive”. This special drive mechanism above the first disc drives the cutter bar via a maintenance-free, double universal coupling.


Ingenious operation

The driver can operate the various functions of the single-action cylinder with a cord from the tractor cab. The sophisticated “cap” over the cylinder locks the mower in the transport position, serves as a stop for the headland position and furthermore locks the suspension when uncoupling.



Technical Specifications

  SPLENDIMO 280 M 320 M 360 M
  Working width (m) 2.80 3.20 3.60
  Weight (kg) 760 815 860
  Power reqd. (kW) 48 51 55
  Swath width (m) 1.60 – 2.20 2.10 – 2.60 3.00 – 3.35
  Linkage category II II II



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