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mcLely Splendimo MC


The choices that you make for mowing – time of mowing, with or without conditioner, regular or wide swath – have a direct impact on the further processing of fodder.


The comprehensive range of advanced Splendimo MC mowers with conditioner ensure highly effective crop throughput. Even in the most arduous of conditions you will be amazed at the huge output and low power requirements of these mower conditioners. The Splendimo MC range comprises mowers from 2.40 up to 9.00 m for contractors and larger dairy farms alike.


The Splendimo cutter bar is energy-friendly!

All Splendimo disc mowers are fitted with a unique modular cutter bar. This Lely invention is made up of universal mowing units, which are directly driven by a flexible hexagonal shaft. Consequently, this cutter bar contains far fewer gears than any other cutter bar, which results in outstanding output and saving on fuel.


Modular and flexible

The Splendimo cutter bar consists of mowing units that rotate to the left or to the right and spacers. All these components are held together under immense pressure on a chrome-steel torque bar. The number of mowing units and variation of the direction of rotation and the main drive simply provides a wide range of working widths and models. This also has benefits for the supply of parts because a minimum number of components are sufficient to ensure proper servicing.


Direct drive ensures outstanding output

The main benefit of the Splendimo cutter bar is the unique drive system. Every mowing unit is directly driven by a drive shaft and not by gears, such as used by every other disc mower. The special hexagonal shaft is made from very high-grade steel and runs through the centre of all the discs. Each mowing unit obtains the necessary power from the shaft and power losses due to friction and heat are kept to a minimum.



The Lely cutter bar therefore has greater efficiency and lower power requirements, as much as 15 to 20%, than conventional cutter bars. The wider the working width, the greater the difference in the power required. You will notice this in the reduced fuel consumption!



Overloading the main drive is prevented because the flexible shaft efficiently absorbs the shocks. Should a disc become seriously overloaded, the hexagonal shaft protects the other elements by twisting or, in the event of extreme overloading, by breaking.


No loss of friction

With conventional gear-driven cutter bars at least two gear transmissions are needed between two adjacent mower discs. Each transmission causes a 5% loss of friction and this loss will grow proportionately with the power to be transmitted.


Overlap between knives

The cutter bar and its components are so designed so that the “heart” of the mower discs is close to the front of the cutter bar. Consequently, the mower disc rotates in the crop for almost 180° while in addition, there is more room between the discs. The overlap between the 120 mm knives of the Splendimo mower is not equalled by of any other mower on the market.



Every mowing unit is packed with grease and permanently sealed. Even at extreme working angles the grease stays in the gears and does not flow to one side of the bar, as with conventional cutter bars.


Technical Specifications

  SPLENDIMO 240 MC 240 MCR 280 MC 320 MC
  Working width (m) 2.40 2.40 2.80 3.20
  Weight (kg) 880 1,100 925 995
  Power reqd. (kW) 44 51 51 66
  Swath width (m) 0.70 – 2.40 0.70 – 2.40 1.20 – 2.80 1.40 – 3.20
  Linkage category II II II II



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