Fieldking Horizontal Slasher




Horizontal slashing is the most versatile method of grass cutting. The FieldKing rotary slasher is powerful enough to cope with tall weeds and small bushes, yet giving a satisfactory fine cut on turf areas.




  • Minimal scalping.
  • Mounted with optional front and rear rollers
  • Designed for fast application to any type of 50-80 HP tractor with three point linkage.
  • Safety chain shield standard.
  • Tractor Driven suitable for P.T.O. 540 r.p.m.
  • Rotary slasher and grass slasher having reversible steel blades for cutting wild grass, shrubs, weeds, sugar cane stacks, etc.
  • Cutting width: approx. 6 feet OR 8 feet
  • Height adjustment: 1″ – 8″


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