Lely Splendimo P

pLely Splendimo 550P


The biggest difference between a trailed mower and a front or rear mower is that by making use of a transport frame, weight plays much less of a role.



Trailed mowers consequently have a very high specification and have the best possible contour-following system. Ideal for use with a light tractor to give perfect results under most difficult conditions.

The Splendimo 550 P’s working width, low drive power requirements as well as outstanding ground contour following guarantee an attractive package for future users. Ideal for use with a light tractor to give perfect results under most difficult conditions. Lely expects that this new mower will be especially interesting for medium to large sized farms with relatively large plots that do not require a conditioning operation.


Two cutter bars – large overlap

The Lely Splendimo 550 P features a unique frame in which two 2.80 m wide cutter bars are suspended in a mutually offset position. The two cutter bars can move independently of one another, so that perfect ground contour following is ensured also due to the freely moving frame. There is a large overlap between the front and rear cutter bar so that even the most awkward plots can be mown efficiently.


Maximum clearance

The two cutter bars are driven by the well-known Top Drive system. Both drives are situated on the outside of the frame so that there are no impediments to the crop flow. Consequently, the mower has a huge clearance and the mown crop is left behind the machine in one large swath.


Large working width – low power requirement

Due to the large width of this trailed mower, wide mowing operations are possible with a relatively light tractor. Thanks to the unique drive of the Lely cutter bars, power required remains relatively low so that higher speeds can be attained while keeping fuel consumption at a low level. The cutter bars are driven via the outside ensuring maximum crop clearance as well as a wide swath.


Large ground clearance on headlands

On headlands, the mower can be easily lifted as a whole creating much ground clearance. Using the left and right pivoting drawbar the driver can easily manoeuvre the wide machine on the headlands. Due to the long draw bar, the Lely Splendimo 550 P model can mow on either side of the tractor. “Up and down mowing” allows a gain in output of up to 15% when you work on big plots.


Perfect ground pressure

The system is discharged by an infinitely adjustable hydro-pneumatic system so that the correct ground pressure can be easily adjusted. A large pressure gauge at the front of the drawbar shows the pressure in the system.


Fast working height adjustment

The hydraulic ram that tilts the mower forward is fitted with an adjustable stop. A pin and an extensive hole pattern ensure fast and easy height adjustment for the entire mower.


Easy control

The mower can be fully controlled from the tractor cab by means of two double-acting hydraulic functions. An electric pre-selection switch is used to alternate between pivoting the draw bar and folding the mower up.


Easy attachment

Lely Splendimo P mowers are coupled to the hydraulic lifting system. As well as being the drive system of the mower, the gearbox also functions as the pivot point for the draw bar. The intermediate shaft as a result always remains the same length and the mower easily rotates around the fixed pivot point.


Smart transport position

The long draw bar provides sufficient room to fold both cutter bars forward in an exceptionally compact transport position. During transport the width of the machine is only 2.60 m. The driver can even swing the drawbar to a limit for driving through narrow gates or sharp bends.


Technical Specifications

Working width (m) 5,50
Number of discs / knives 2 x(7 x 2)
Swath width* (m) 4,90
Weight (kg) 2860
Power required (kW / HP) 70 / 95



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