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pcLely Splendimo PC


Uneven terrain, stony fields as well as heavy crops; those are the areas of operation for these ‘trailed work horses’.




Trailed mowers featuring Impeller conditioners. The range comprises three working widths. The mowers with conditioner feature steel flails or, in case of a type indication ‘R’ behind the name, a steel roller conditioner. The ‘S’ (Swing over) models can mow on both sides of the tractor.

Unpredictable and often wet weather conditions are limiting factors for efficient grass harvesting. Reliability, output and operational efficiency are therefore the crucial factors on which trailed mowers are tested.


Pivoting gearbox as standard

The arms leading towards the standard giro gearbox are longer on the new PC mower models. Consequently, it is easier to couple the mower to the tractor, manoeuvring is smoother and a longer PTO shaft can be used; a longer PTO shaft makes it easier to couple to different tractors.


Easy adjustment of ground pressure

The machine’s frame includes two double acting rams to control ground pressure as well as lifting the mower. The piston rods on either side of the mower are connected on one side to a single-acting ram that forms part of a closed hydraulic circuit. By adjusting the pressure within the system, the operator controls the mower ground pressure from the tractor cab. Consequently, the operator can adjust to changing field conditions with great ease and speed.


 Ground contour following – interaction between tractor, wheels and correct geometry

The major advantage of a trailed mower-conditioner is the feature that there are wheels running both behind and before the mowerconditioner; they adjust the height of the support frame to the ground profile. This allows even distribution of weight as the machines weight is spread between the tractor wheels in front of the cutterbar and mower wheels behind the cutterbar.


Upward orientation

Eventually, the imaginary lines extending from the mower suspension end far behind the mower underneath the turf. These long lines ensure stability and also make sure that the mower can always rise easily to avoid an obstacle.


Quick lifting and lowering on headlands

Reaction speeds on headlands are exceptionally fast, since the hydraulic system and the lifting rams are independent. Even when the relief pressure is high, the mower quickly descends into the mowing position.


Improved balance ensures stability

Instability in sharp turns with the draw bar pivoted outwards is a wellknown problem occurring with trailed mowers. The support frames of the new PC mowers have an intelligently engineered shape allowing the mower-conditioner to lift as closely as possible to the wheels. The frame design ensures weight is transferred to the wheels. The centre of gravity is kept low ensuring the optimal stability even in the tightest of turns.


Stability ensures compactness

The mower has a better balance when in the lifted position and its pivoting point is far to the rear; therefore the machine features a shorter draw bar than the one on comparable trailed mowers.


 R/H or L/H and R/H mowing

The difference between the S-models and the other models is the connection of the draw bar to the mower frame. The S-models have a longer draw bar which is connected to the middle of the mower frame. This means that the S-models can mow either on the left or on the righthand side of the tractor. The other models can mow on the right-hand side of the tractor only.


15% increase in output!

The possibility to mow on both sides of the tractor is a big advantage as it reduces headland travel distance thus increasing output. Especially with larger fields this can mean a 15% increase in output!


Speed on headlands

The construction of the support frame, wheels and suspension of the mowerconditioner segment is such that – in the lifted position – the bulk of the weight is just before the wheels. This ensures a perfect balance and makes the mower exceptionally stable when making sharp bends on headlands.


Splendimo 330 PC – utilising the maximum transport width

The position of the wheels within the frame makes it possible to fully utilise the legally permitted transport width of 3 m. The mower-conditioner utilises this space to the full, so that a working width of 3.25 m is realised. To ensure proper protection all the same, the safety frame on the outside of the mower can be totally folded.


Technical Specifications

  SPLENDIMO PC 330 (S/R) PC 370 (S/RS)
  Working width (m) 3.25 3.65
  Weight (kg) 1,900
  Power req. (kW) 59 70
  Swath width (m) 1.00 – 2.20 1.30 – 2.40
  Linkage category II II



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