Triplo Combinations

triploTriplo Combinations – 900M and 900MC


The Splendimo Triplo combinations are a completely new design for the real professionals and they also guarantee an excellent mowing technique.


With a net working width of 8.90 m, the Splendimo 900 M and 900 MC are the widest mowers in the Splendimo series.

Timeliness is one of the biggest influences on forage quality. This is why farmers and contractors choose to rely on the Splendimo 900 M and 900 MC. These reliable, high-output, robustly constructed mowers, also have the advantages of weight and a minimal power requirement. All in all, these machines are built for optimum efficiency.


Many advantages of low weight

Less lifting power required, lower ground pressure and reduced fuel consumption. Thanks to innovative devices, such as the new break back device, hydraulic ground pressure control and curved suspension arms, these mowers have an exceptionally low weight in relation to their working width. Consequently, the required lifting power is a perfect match to the – proven – low horse power requirement enabling the use of a relatively light tractor. In addition, these two models are the most efficient mower systems in the world.


Easier mowing on slopes

When operated on slopes, this combination – thanks to its lower weight – is less susceptible to slewing. Moreover, the ample overlap of 2 x 35 cm of the Splendimo 320 F or FC front mower ensures exceptionally neat mowing. For operations on extreme slopes, the mower can be simply fitted with the hydraulic side shift function; this allows the mower to be moved 10 cm left or right.


Excellent machine protection ensures longevity

In case of a slight obstruction the mower can quickly reposition itself meaning normal mowing is instantly resumed. That is one of the major benefits of this unique suspension, whereby the entire mower is ‘loosely’ attached, by means of a parallelogram construction, to the tractor hydraulics. Due to this construction, the frame can make quick movements both to the rear and upwards. As the mower moves further to the rear, pressure builds up in the lifting rams so that the mower becomes lighter and can easily pass over the obstacle.


Always following the contours of the ground

A mower’s ground pressure greatly impacts on its ability to follow the contours of the ground. Therefore, quick adjustment of ground pressure can be very useful when working under varying field conditions or operating circumstances. In the tradition of the M and MC rear mowers, these models also feature a closed hydraulic ground pressure control which can be operated from the tractor seat. If you are operating under consistent conditions then once adjusted to the correct pressure, the hydraulic system can be closed off by means of a ball valve so that there is a free hydraulic function on the tractor.


Odd shaped fields – no problem

No single field is exactly straight so quite often it is a very good option to be able to lift or lower a mower separately (left or right). By closing a ball valve on the mower you can either control both mowers simultaneously or control the machines separately by means of two double-acting systems. This choice can be made in the tractor cab by means of the (optional) electric control.


Easy coupling and uncoupling

The mower features three parking jacks to ensure a stable parked position. The rear parking jack is fitted with a winding handle to make sure that the entire unit is in the correct position for recoupling. This avoids loss of time when adjusting the correct mowing height. The machine can be stored either folded or in the working position.


Technical Specifications

Working width (m) 8.85 8.90
Weight (kg) 1,940 2,460
Power reqd. (kW) 99 125
Swath width (m) 2.10 – 2.60 1.40 – 3.20
Linkage category III III


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