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Working with a loader wagon is the quickest way to harvest your crops.


.Loader wagons can finely chop grass and they have a large loading capacity. The optimum loading of the wagon makes haulage as efficient as possible.


Camless pick-up unit for more efficient loading

The efficiency of a loader wagon is greatly dependent upon pick-up capacity. All Tigo S models are equipped with a pick-up which no longer utilises cam track steering.


The camless pick-up by Lely:

• Five tine bars mean good crop throughput.
• Clean pick up due to the reinforced tines positioned close to each other (54 mm).
• Tine loss protection.
• Low-wear thanks to non-steered tines.
• Smooth running due to lack of cam track steering.
• Maintenance free as components need no lubrication.


Wear-resistant and maintenance-free

Since the new non-steered pick-up does not have a cam track, the pick-up unit consists of fewer moving parts. This is more reliable, less sensitive to wear, quieter and maintenance free. Furthermore, the tines are reinforced and all components are hot dip galvanised to protect them even more effectively against the elements and corrosive sap from the crop. The result is clear to see; lower maintenance costs and a higher trade-in value!


Wind guard with short crop roller

The height adjustable impact plate with the short crop roller provides even better pick up of crops (standard on all Tigo rotor models).


Castor action pick-up guide wheels

The castor action pick-up guide wheels, which are height adjustable, relieve the load on the pick-up when turning.

Optimum forage intake with five bar pick-up

The new pick-up on the Tigo R wagons has a working width of 1.80 m and has five non-steered tine bars with tines spaced 54 mm apart. This maintenance free pick-up consistently delivers clean work due to the fine-tuning of the pick-up rotational speed to that of the chopping rotor.


Maximum functional safety

All drive side bearing points are equipped with generously dimensioned self aligning roller bearings. Only Lely provides this feature, which ensures a long lifetime. Functional safety is top priority for Lely. Removing welded joints allows better dimensional accuracy, safe running and an extremely long lifetime. That is why all power transmitting parts are firmly bolted together.


Strong drive elements

The chopping rotor drive is also top quality. The high strength drive shaft is able to cope with a variety of loads. The bolted connection with the chopping rotor ensures maximum installation accuracy and precise running.


Unique gear drive

The feed unit is powered by a heavy duty gear drive. Its ability to absorb high loads ensures consistent and smooth running of the wagon. Each feed fork is mounted on two individual roller bearings. From the Lely Tigo 40 S model onwards all bearings have central lubrication as standard.


Electromagnetic control

The standard electro-hydraulic control on the Tigo R loader wagon enables all functions to be operated easily direct from the tractor cab.


High performance cutting unit for precise short chopping

The new, pivoting 33 knife cutting unit chops crops short (38 mm), thus producing optimum fodder. Every knife is protected by the Trimatic knife protection system. The chopping length can be quickly changed by simply pre-selecting different knives. Should there be a blockage in the system, the entire chopping unit can be easily lowered hydraulically from the tractor cab.


Easily varied chop length

All Tigo S Profi models can be fitted with a maximum of 33 knives arranged in two rows giving chop lengths down to 38 mm. The chop length can be adjusted via a lever which selects the required number of knives (0/5/17/21/33).


Reliable due to good knife protection

Each knife is individually safe guarded by the Trimatic knife protection system. Should a foreign object enter the unit, the rotor presses it against the knife. The release spring flexes, immediately reducing the force on the knife and thus saving the rotor and the knives from damage. Once the obstacle has passed, the knife returns to its operating position again.


Optimum ease of maintenance

The new chopping unit can be pivoted completely out of the wagon for maintenance purposes. The cutting unit can be unlocked and pivoted out to the side without the need for tools. Knives can be replaced quickly and easily without the use of tools.


A reliable chassis for all situations

Increasing loading volumes and high driving speeds: the demands on a loader wagon chassis are always extreme. High quality suspension tandem or tridem chassis with trailed or forced steering – Lely provides the appropriate chassis for each application, as safety is the top priority. The parabolic or hydro-pneumatic suspension chassis ensure optimum ground adaptation and safe driving characteristics.


Parabolic suspension tandem chassis for optimum driving comfort

The Lely Tigo R has to hold the road well in any situation. Therefore, a parabolic suspension tandem assembly has been chosen. Thanks to this assembly, the Tigo can manage high speeds on the road and at the same time has excellent ground contour following qualities in the field. The equalizing linkage with its large pendulum range ensures optimum ground alignment in the field and in silos, and also ensures that the load is distributed proportionally among the two axles. The heavy duty leaf springs provide optimum driving comfort.


Lely Tigo S Profi Options


Hydraulic hitch drawbar

For maintaining a level machine on uneven ground. Floor clearance up to 70 cm.


Hydraulic roughage superstructure

Can be folded directly from the tractor cab.


Top limiting cover

Secure retention even of short cut crops due to the top limiting cover.


Castor action pick-up guide wheels

For optimum control when turning: the castor action pick-up guide wheels relieve the strain on the pick-up.


Wind guard with short crop roller

For optimum fodder flow, even when operating at higher speeds.


Hydraulic chopping unit

The hydraulically lowered chopping unit ensures quick removal of fodder accumulation.



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