Lely Tigo T

tLely Tigo T


Working with a loader wagon is the quickest way to harvest your crops.


Loader wagons can finely chop grass and they have a large loading capacity. The optimum loading of the wagon makes haulage as efficient as possible. The use of modern and powerful transport vehicles is extremely important for harvesting efficiency.

An important link in the chain is having the correct vehicle for transporting chopped material. With their new Tigo T series, Lely presents a top class silage transport wagon which impresses with its enormous effective load capacity and its ease of operation.


A reliable chassis for all situations

Increasing loading volumes and high driving speeds: the demands on a loader wagon chassis are always extreme. High quality suspension tandem or tridem chassis with trailed or forced steering – Lely provides the appropriate chassis for each application, as safety is the top priority. The parabolic or hydro-pneumatic suspension chassis ensure optimum ground adaptation and safe driving characteristics.


Bogie tandem

The Lely Tigo R Profi, R Combi and T models are all equipped with a 20-tonne bogie tandem axle unit with rear steering axles. They can also be fitted with a forced steering system. The large suspension travel provides even load distribution and excellent ground adaptation. The large volume tyres (maximum size: 800/45-R26.5) provide a huge supporting surface which is gentle on the ground.


Tandem unit with hydro-pneumatic suspension support

The tandem axle unit with hydraulic compensation provides high rolling stability. Intelligent hydraulics ensure optimum ground adaptation. When fitted with an automatic level control, the full suspension path is always available, independent of the loading state. The automatic level compensation ensures that the vehicle always stands parallel to the slope. The cross switching of the suspension cylinders ensures the rolling stability of the vehicle, thus permitting higher speeds when turning. This chassis is available for the Lely Tigo R Profi, R Combi and T models.


Foldable bulkhead

In order to fill the load bay from the front, the Lely Tigo T allows you to fold the upper part of the bulkhead forwards hydraulically. You can operate this function from the tractor cab.


Comfortable access

Wagons with discharge rollers have a generously dimensioned access door. For maintenance and cleaning work, you can easily access the load bay via the foldable access ladder.


Easy operation

The Lely Tigo is operated via the tractor hydraulics. However, an electro-hydraulic control option is available on request, through which all hydraulic functions can be easily controlled.


Drawbar Suspension

The Lely Tigo T can be fitted with an optional hydraulic drawbar suspension for maximum driving comfort. This also serves as a hydraulic parking support for safe coupling and uncoupling of the loader wagon.


High-performance floor drive and powerful discharge

With its hydraulically operated floor and the spur gear with triple speed reduction, the Lely Tigo T is also capable of shifting the heaviest of loadings safely and reliably. As an option, it can be equipped with a 2-stage hydraulic motor for quick discharge. The Lely Tigo T can also be fitted with two or three powerful discharge rollers, which loosen up the silage and spread it evenly onto the silo.


Safety unloading

Compared to tipping trailers, unloading on slopes or uneven ground is safer and more controlled with a silage transport wagon.



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