Lely Tigo XR

xrLely Tigo XR


Efficiency through dual usage and maximum machine utilisation are the determining factors for a combi wagon.


The Tigo XR series is a completely new and unique concept developed by Lely, and can be used both as a loader wagon and as a silage transport wagon. The wagon’s innovative superstructure with its integrated hydraulically adjustable multi-function bulkhead allows additional loading of the space above the feed unit. This means increased load volume but a shorter wagon. The new Tigo XR series from Lely sets new standards for combi wagons.


Extra-wide pick-up

The camless pick-up of the Tigo XR wagon is 200 cm in width and fitted with seven rows of tines mounted close together (only 54 mm apart). This ensures clean and efficient crop pick-up. The rotational speeds of the rotor and pick-up are perfectly coordinated to ensure excellent crop flow.


Maximum chopping power

All forty-five knives on the Tigo XR are precisely arranged in a row on the robust chopping frame. The long, serrated knives are made of hard-wearing toughened tool steel and their shape ensures an even cutting action. The forage is cut cleanly and precisely. The gap between the knife and the rotor tine is only 3 mm. The chop length of 37 mm or 74 mm can be adjusted by the knife bank lever that pre-selects the required number of knives.


Newly developed high-performance drive line

Forward-looking and ground-breaking, the complete drive line of the Tigo XR has been designed to meet the highest performance requirements. The main drive is powered by a low-wear, maintenancefree and enclosed oil-immersed gearbox. The power is transmitted by strong spur gears featuring an extremely effective tolerance fit involute toothing from the shaft to the drive sprocket on the chopping rotor. The cam clutch with torque protection of 2,500 Nm ensures optimum transmission of power and protects the drive line against overload.


Top unloading performance

All Tigo XR models are equipped with a convenient automatic unloading system. When the automatic unloading system is operated, the tail gate opens (on D models the discharge rollers start); then the multi-function bulkhead and the floor chains are simultaneously activated. This unique additional feature ensures that the crop mass is set in motion safely, and efficient discharge is guaranteed. The floor chain with its two-stage hydraulic motor is a standard feature and ensures unloading speeds of up to 25 m per minute.


Adjustable tail gate

The opening angle of the Tigo XR tail gate is adjustable to ensure optimal discharging, even in windy conditions. Double-acting cylinders located on both sides provide secure opening and closing of the heavy-duty tail gate.


Exact discharge – easily removable discharge rollers

All Tigo XR wagons are available as D models. The D models have three discharge rollers as standard equipment. The aggressive, enclosed discharge rollers discharge both maize and grass silage precisely and ensure even unloading. The discharge rollers can be quickly and easily removed from the back and offer additional loading volume.


Discharge roller drive with automatic floor-chain shut-off

The discharge roller drive is powered by a strong angular gearbox with an integrated on/off switch; large-dimensioned drive chains provide a powerful drive of the discharge rollers. A movement sensor on the lower discharge roller automatically stops the floor chains when the wagon is full. A cam-type clutch protects the discharge roller drive against overloading.


Comfortable access

All Lely Tigo PR and XR models have a generously dimensioned access door. For maintenance and cleaning, you can easily access the loading bay via the foldable access ladder.


A loader wagon and a forage transport wagon all in one

When the multi-function bulkhead is tilted forward into the forage transport position, the wagon is ready for loading without any further adjustment. Due to the unique design of the superstructure with its forward inclination, the driver always has a good view into the loading unit. The front cross-beam of the superstructure is directly connected to the upper edge profiles of the sides at their highest point to guarantee optimum stability.


Feed-channel cover

The feed-channel cover can be fitted quickly and easily without the use of tools. The feed-channel cover is easily accessible through the door on the side of the wagon.


Lely Tigo XR with 4 tonne drawbar as standard

All Tigo XR models are equipped as standard with low attachment drawbars with hydraulic suspension and K80 ball-headed bearing couplings. The clever design of the drawbars allows maximum steering angles, even with large tractor track widths, and is designed for a drawbar load of 4 tonnes.


Forced steering

Forced steering is available as an option on all vehicles. The hydraulically closed system allows reversing without having to brake, and ensures maximum directional stability on slopes. The intelligent and slim design of the drawbars enables a steering angle of up to 60 degrees, even during forced steering operations.



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