Lely Lotus 1500

lotus_1500_10Lely Lotus 1500


This tedder combines high capacity with ease of operation and durability. It is by far the smartest, fastest and strongest tedder available today.



Timely tedding is important to ensure fast and even drying. Sufficient output combined with a proper turning action limits the wilting period and, hence, the field period as well as any delay in re-growth. To ensure quality, expanding dairy farms prefer to harvest their crops as quickly as possible. The labour factor is becoming increasingly important when weighing up the advantages or disadvantages when purchasing machines or hiring agricultural contractors.


Unrestricted ground contour following system increases deployability

The 12 rotors of the Lotus 1500 encompass a working width of 15 m (almost 50 feet), which means that, on uneven or hilly terrain, a considerable difference in height may need to be bridged. In order to provide perfectly clean fodder under such circumstances, the tedder must be able to follow field contour patterns closely and without effort. For this reason, the Lotus 1500 is equipped with an unrestricted ground contour following system and has an immense freedom of movement in the drive line and the subframe.


No capacity without stability

The Lotus 1500, like every other trailed Lotus tedder, has ground wheels for the 12 tedder elements and a relatively long draw bar. This results in an unrestricted ground contour following system and a high degree of stability. In transport, this draw bar serves as a carrier for the tedder.


Transition to a width of 15 m (almost 50 feet) in 40 seconds

By smart use of its hydraulic capabilities, the machine can fold in quickly and easily. This is done by operating a double-acting ram to move the machine out of its transport supports, and subsequently operating an other double-acting ram to fold the machine out fully.


Fast transition to headland position

With one quick operation, the whole tedder with its width of 15 m (almost 50 feet) can be brought into the headland position. Ease of operation at its best for quick reversing or for just crossing over a ditch!


Compact transport capabilities

As a result of the way the machine folds in – the two elements on each side of the tedder fold inwards into themselves precisely – the Lotus 1500 has a low centre of gravity and requires only little space on the road and for parking. During transport, the machine is secured for safety.


Coupling through the draw bar

The standard model of the Lotus 1500 is equipped with a coupling in the lower or upper draw bar. The slimline construction offers ample room for sharp turns, while the tedder is driven smoothly via a wide-angle coupling.


Reliable drive system for High-capacity performance

Due to the high driving speeds during tedding and the width of the machine, drive line protection is an absolute necessity. For this reason, the Lotus 1500 is provided with a cam clutch.


Profi – optimum performance in the heaviest conditions

The well-proven drive line of the Lotus 1500 Profi includes two gearboxes rather than one (standard model). The Profi model is driven by two PTO shafts with cam-type couplings, which are engaged quickly, one after the other, in case of a blockage. A claw clutch between the drives ensures that the two drives can operate independently without the rotors catching. The unique thing about this system is that 35% more power can be transferred during tedding while the machine’s overload safety is approx. 25% lighter in respect of the standard Lotus 1500, making this machine the true Profi for extremely heavy crops.


Profi for easy turning

Thanks to the Profi coupling, the pivoting point lies substantially further towards the rear of the machine, enhancing the tracking capability of the tedder. This is particularly advantageous when driving the combination on small roads and when negotiating narrow field entrances.



LOTUS 1500 1500 Profi
Working width (m) 15.00 15.00
Weight (kg) 3,450 4,070
Power required (kW) 73 73
Tine arms 12 x 7 12 x 7
Linkage (cat.) draw bar II


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