Lely Lotus 770/900/1020

lely-lotus-770-900-1020-2_2Lely Lotus 770 / 900 / 1020


These machines stand out because of their ease of control, durability and output.



When introducing these machines, Lely showed an ‘idiosyncratic’ view on the future of tedders; that approach is one of the reasons why Lotus tedders are number 1 when it comes to tedding capacity and quality. The experience that has been gained with the Lotus models 1325 and 1020 since 1997 has formed the basis for the concept of this range of trailed Lotus tedders.


The Lotus transport carrier – vital to transport and operations

The trailed Lotus tedders are therefore unique, due to the construction of the trailed carriage frame. The long carriage frame links the tedder to the tractor and serves as a transport carrier. In the field the carriage runs on wide tyres in front of the rotors so that the rotors can move freely and are not hindered by raised wheels or other transport solutions. During tedding operations the transport wheels function as height wheels for the rotor frames. The wheels are close to the rotor frames and therefore guarantee a constant working height.


Ideally suited to any ground contour

The coupling of the rotor frames to the transport frame is constructed so that the tedding angle and working height always remain constant. The floating rotor frames have all the room they need to follow the contours of the field perfectly and they do not have to carry the weight of the raised transport frame. Both the rotors and the drive line have ample room for perfect ground contour following.


Exceptionally convenient on headlands

Unique to all trailed Lely Lotus tedders is its ease of use on headlands. Though the machine normally stays on the ground, it is very easy to raise and lower it. Ideal for smaller, sloping fields and driving quickly to the next field. In no time you benefit from more than ample clearance!


The best transport system – quick as well as stable

Due to the trailed frame and the robust draw bar, trailed Lotus tedders can be extremely compactly folded parallel to the draw bar. A low transport height is therefore achieved and at the same time a remarkably low centre of gravity; fast and stable transport is therefore guaranteed. Lighting and signboards are part of the standard equipment of these machines.


Lely Lotus 770 P – a tremendous output for smaller tractors

The Lotus 770 is a simple concept where the drive train of the tried and tested Lotus 770 Stabilo – with six rotors, each with six tine arms and combined with the carriage frame of the Lotus 900 and 1020. The Lotus 770 P is perfect for cattle farmers who wish to cover a relatively large working area with a small tractor. The handy headland position makes the tedder ideal for small fields.


Clever hydraulic system

The operation of the 770 P is a prime example of innovative thinking, because the whole tedder can actually be operated with one double-action hydraulic function. Both raising into the headland position and unfolding the tedder can be operated with the same joystick.


Transport position

To ensure durability, the tedder is fully supported by the carrier during transport. Lighting and safety signs are part of the standard equipment.


Adjusting the working height

The 770 P has a bolt-and-hole arrangement for adjusting the working height. For easy adjustment, the rotating support leg can be used – in the unfolded position – to raise the tedder a little.


Lely Lotus 900 and 1020

Both tedders are fitted with eight rotors and are available in different versions and models, with various couplings and working height adjustment. The standard models of the Lotus 900 and 1020 are fitted with a bolt arrangement for adjusting the working height. Experience has taught us that a trailed tedder often needs to be set up only once, so that minor differences in hitching height are not noticeable.


Easy working depth adjustment due to wind handle

In order to use different tractors with large differences in draw bar height or in highly variable field conditions, the Lotus 900 S and the 1020 S are fitted with a wind handle for height adjustment. With this wind handle it is possible to infinitely adjust the whole machine in no time.

Lely Lotus Profi – with a smart steering device

The Lotus 900 and 1020 models are also available as Profi models. The tedders are fitted as standard with a wind handle and a special linkage. Major benefit of this linkage: the machine is a metre shorter and, because the pivot point is moved to the rear, it runs very near track‑following behind the tractor. The latter is particularly convenient in situations where there is minimal room to manoeuvre.



  LOTUS 770 P 900 P 900 Profi 1020 1020 Profi
  Working width (m) 7.00 9.00 9.00 10.20 10.20
  Weight (kg) 1,450 1,750 2,200 2,225 2,330
  Power required (kW) 37 40 40 44 44
  Tine arms 6 x 6 8 x 6 8 x 6 8 x 7 8 x 7
  Linkage (cat.) draw bar draw bar II draw bar II


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