Goldoni Quasar 90 Low





  • Maximum lugging power and wheel grip thanks to its low centre of gravity
  • perfectly balanced weights
  • Versions with 174cm low profile cab
  • More versatile than an equal-wheel tractor
  • More performance oriented than a crawler tractor
  • Excellent on the roads
  • Greater efficiency on the job: 40 Kph homologated speed
  • Strong and flexible to use thanks to the front axle made
    of spheroidal cast iron.
  • Comfortable driving: platform on ‘silent blocks’ with variable viscosity and integral platform and cab.


Quasar tractors, available in the high and low versions, are in a class of their own and know no rivals on the market. The bodywork with its aggressive and sloping design, the tight turning radius, the big, almost isodiametric driving wheels and the powerful engine make Quasar the ideal machine for working between the rows of orchards and vineyards with low plants, where there’s not much room for maneuvering, and generally speaking, on heavy soil, sloping and rugged ground.

Thanks to the compact bearing structure, which distributes 50% of the weight on the front axle and 50% on the rear one, the center of gravity has been kept low and near to the middle of the machine, while all the traction is fully discharged towards the ground, thus allowing the operator to work in complete safety even with very heavy implements and steeply sloping ground.


Power and reliability.
Quasar has a 4-cylinder direct injection turbocharged engine that guarantees optimum performances, low noise emissions and low consumptions. Designed to provide lively results thanks to the optimised power/torque ratio, this engine is able to deliver maximum torque right from an extremely low engine rate. To safeguard the operator, who spends long hours working with the machines, Goldoni’s specialized tractors are fitted with engines that conform to the most recent standards governing emissions.


That extra something.
To face the most varied requirements, the transmission installed in Quasar tractors can have either 40 speeds. In the former case, you can choose the 8+8 version with synchronized reverse shuttle or the 16+8 version with Dual power, which reduces the speeds by 20%. The range of speeds covered by the 40 speed gear version spans 1,3 Kph to 39,9 Kph in the forward direction and 1,5 Kph to 35 Kph in reverse. Such a wide range of speeds means that you can always choose the right one for every type of work.


Generous steering angle.
The steering system of Quasar tractors is the hydrostatic type with Load sensing valve which, by controlling the use of hydraulic oil in the smart mode, leaves most of the available flow to the auxiliary control valves and power lift, i.e. for the implements that allow the operator to carry out his work. The 2,9 meter turning radius allows these specialized tractors to work in an extremely agile way between the crop rows in orchards and vineyards. And this achieves important savings in manoeuvres, consumptions and time. The particular configuration of the front axle achieves wide steering angles of up to 55 degrees even when the tractor is fitted with the large tyres required by specialistic implements.


Why you should prefer a Quasar.
The really salient feature of Goldoni’s Quasar tractors is their perfect ratio between dimensions and weights. This makes them amongst the best specialized tractors now available on the market and certainly machines that fear no rivals. The 1784 mm maximum width allows Quasar to penetrate with agility into the narrowest rows of vineyards and orchards. The “low version” features a height of 2217 mm height to the safety frame and 855 mm, to the seat (in the special configuration), together with a streamlined and lowered profile, make Quasar 85 the ideal machine for work under the lowest overhead crops and with cultivations like Kiwi fruits where the driver’s position must be very near to the ground. The 349 mm ground clearance of the “high version” is one of the best among the competitors of this particular market segment. Moreover, thanks to the front axle that pivots 24 degrees, Quasar guarantees an optimum wheel grip in every situation, on heavy soil, sloping and rugged ground: the tractor remains stable in even the most critical conditions, providing an unexpected lugging power for such a small machine. When he drives one of Goldoni’s Quasar tractors, the operator always perceives a high degree of safety even in extremely difficult work conditions.


As versatile as you need.
As part of the standard outfit, Goldoni’s Quasar tractor has a rear power take-off with two independent speeds (540/750 rpm) and synchronized with all the gearbox speeds. The front power takeoff is available on request. It has a speed of 1000 rpm and allows combined operations to be carried out, thus with remarkable time savings.


High flow rate for all implements.
With its 43 l/min flow rate, 3 rear auxiliary control valves and 3 modular ones at the front, the hydraulic circuit is able to meet the needs of the most modern implements used in specialized agriculture.


The latest generation cabs provide a degree of comfort that has never been achieved before in this segment of the market: silence and ergonomics are the key words. All the coupling points between the cab and transmission are insulated by special silicone shock-absorbers with variable damping force. Latest generation materials and specific construction solutions help to maintain a high degree of comfort.


Generously sized side doors make it very easy to access the cockpit. Ergonomics to the forefront as to the position of the controls, which do not interfere with the operator’s movements, while there’s top-of-the-category visibility from the front and rear of the tractor.


Air conditioning
The powerful heating and ventilating system can be completed with the (optional) air conditioner. A pleasantly comfortable place of work in every season.


Designed with the driver in mind.
The space on board Quasar has been designed to suit people who must spend hours of their time in the tractor as they work the land. The seat can be adjusted both as to height and distance from the controls and is assembled on an elastic suspension, which also allows it to be regulated to suit the driver’s weight. The ergonomic transmission levers are easy to understand and operate, while the controls of the main operating components (power lift and PTO) are ready to hand, making the operator’s work both simple and efficient. And when it comes to safety, Quasar has a folding safety frame plus all the active and passive safeguards as dictated by EEC standards, soundproofed exhausts and bonnet. Moreover, Quasar is also outfitted with the Push & Start safety device on the clutch pedal, on the power take-off and a lock which blocks the power lift’s control lever in the neutral position.


The advantage of the integral platform.
When it comes to comfort and safety, Quasar tractors stand out as pioneering, modern machines able to improve both functionality and productivity at work. Safety and a comfortable position when driving are guaranteed by the integral platform, assembled on 4 elastic shock absorbers which insulate the driver from vibrations. Then there’s the power steering system with “Load Sensing” valve, the patented and EEC-approved sprung seat and adjustable steering wheel. As an alternative to the safety frame that protects the driver, the Quasar series is also available in the cab version, featuring a spacious, sound-proofed interior with filtered and conditioned air, plus optimum visibility. The controls are arranged in a functional way in compliance with modern ergonomic dictates, with all the levers in convenient and intuitive positions for the operator. Lastly, this range of Godloni tractors has been equipped with a fully opening bonnet, allowing maintenance technicians to easily and quickly reach all the more important components when routine servicing work is needed, thus reducing down-times to the minimum.



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