Mahindra 1500 Series

1533-ShuttleMahindra 1500 Seriesbrochure

Compact & Eco-friendly


The new Mahindra 1533 and 1538 offer eco-friendly Tier IV engines, tilt steering column, spacious and semi-flat operator platform with rubber mat, completely opening hood for ease of access and ergonomic controls for operator comfort.

Mahindra offers the 38HP hydrostatic guise (1538), which helps you to get in and do the hard stuff for a great price. Both 1533 and 1538 small tractor models offer Factory Self-Level Loaders, 4-in-1 buckets, backhoe, finishing mowers, slashers, and carryalls as optional accessories.

The standout feature on the new Mahindra 1533 and 1538 Tractors is the Safe Working Load of 350kg for the self-level loader.

  • High-performance premium 4WD
  • Tier IV mCRD-powered
  • 33 to 38 HP with options like heavy-duty loaders and backhoes
  • 1533 Synchro Shuttle or 1538 Hydrostatic Transmission
  • Safe Working Load of 350kg for the self-level loader




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