Celli EVO-P Folding Power Harrow

HP 250-450   KW 184-331

Celli Evo-P Folding Power Harrow


Structure rigidity (box-section frame)
Structure rigidity is of fundamental importance to ensure reliability and durability over time. Stress on the machine, especially at the extremities, is very high. Celli rotating harrows (fixed versions) are extremely rigid and do not need reinforced cross bars. They can therefore be coupled to build folding units without problems.

Central frames
Each model is equipped with a central frame of the necessary robustness, which supports the side units thanks to thick pins coupled with cemented and hardened bushes.

Large diameter rear rollers
They ensure optimal machine leveling and correct “floating” even in light ground conditions.


Fast deployment and setting
Machine setting, as well as opening and closing operations are quick: everything can be done from the tractor cabin.

Tine quick release system (on request for Energy/p models)
The quick release is a simple and reliable system, which drastically reduces tine changing times.

Gearbox oil cooling kit (on request).
A main gearbox oil cooling system is available on a number of models in the Celli product range. This is a particularly useful accessory when the equipment is used for long periods of time in harsh conditions. The presence of an oil filter guarantees the elimination of impurities during the breaking-in phase, which lengthens the life of bearings and gears.

Attention to safety
The machines are lifted by robust jacks equipped with lock valves. Once closed, they are locked using safety hooks. A mechanical manual lock may be applied as an additional safety precaution before transport.

Reasonable weight for road transport
Reasonable weights must not be exceeded in order to prevent dangerous situations while transporting on roads, especially in the case of larger machines. Keeping this in mind, high quality materials with optimized dimensions are key to ensure machine resistance that does not affect weight.

Commercial aspects

A very wide and updated range
The range has been completely renovated in recent years.

High productivity
The range of available solutions makes it possible to identify the ideal machine for each type of use, maintaining a maximum hourly productivity level in relation to the available power ranges.

Technical specifications and standard equipment

  • maximum horsepower: 450 HP (331 KW)
  • PTO: 2-speed gearbox for 1000 rpm, No. of teeth: 15-24 = 360 rpm; 16-23 = 399 rpm
  • central and side gearbox cooling
  • cat. 3-4 3-point hitch
  • swinging front hitches
  • rollers with hydraulic adjustment linked to the leveling bar
  • rear leveling bar adjustment with threaded bar
  • tines 100x18x320 mm: working depth about 33 cm
  • tines with low power absorption
  • mobile side plates
  • side drive shafts with automatic safety device S.10
  • central drive shaft S.12
  • rear lights for road transport
  • removable safety devices
  • cooling unit for side gearboxes with tank
  • side lifting with double ram

Optional accessories

  • Stone protector kit for rotor
  • Front track eraser
  • Floating system kit
  • Central track eraser tool
  • Counter-plate for tine locking
  • frame levelling bar adjustment by threaded bar
Celli Evo-P Folding Power Harrow specifications

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