Samasz Duo 2x Rotor In-Line Rake

The Samasz 2-rotor rotary rakes DUO 680 and DUO 740 are able to lay either one or two swath rows, also allowing hydraulic adjustment of working width and therefore, windrow width by main frame tilting.

Recommended for middle-sized and large farms. Maximum width of raked swath is approx. 12 m / 39’4” (single large row after 2 runs).

Changes introduced to DUO 740 as compared with DUO 680:

  • Greater diameters of rotors: ~ 3.3 m
  • Gear transmitting the drive onto the rear rotor is located nearer the front one – to improve the rake’s stability on slopes and when taking tight turns
  • Hydraulically lifted swath screens (front and rear)
  • New-generation gear with detachable rotor modules
  • Introduced new fin-type drawbar catch kept horizontally by a special mechanism.

Standard equipment

  • wide-angle PTO shaft
  • tine loss protection
  • running gear height adjustment
  • windrow curtains – 2 pcs
  • warning plates and road lights
  • front support wheel
  • rear support wheel
  • tandem running gear
  • swath width adjustment
  • hydraulic fold-up to transport position – 1 or 2 windrow presentation

Optional equipment

  • twin wheels

Lifting mechanism

Thanks to the lifting mechanism, unit is raised well above the ground (47 cm / 18 1/2” clearance), and leaves the swath intact. the rake can be driven safely on uneven grounds, without the risk of any damage exposure.


Quick drive from field to field is not a problem. To support it warning plates and position lights have been applied. As rotor’s diameter is 3 m / 9’10” (DUO 680), dismounting rotor arms is not always necessary. For longer drives on roads with bigger traffic it is more comfortable to have these dismounted.

Easy manoeuvring

Large turn angle and adequate height allows for problem-free drive over lying material.


  • When transported rear unit is behind the front one (in-line rake)
  • Transport widths possible:
    • with tine arms – 3 m / 9’10”
    • w/o tine arms – 2,4 m, / 7’11” (w/o warning plates -1,8 m / 5’11”)
  • Lower weight and compact size as compared to other 2-rotor center delivery rakes
  • Innovative height adjustment mechanism, which also lifts the machine to transport position and allows for ideal working height tune-up – 47 cm / 18 1/2” ground clearance
  • 2 double action hydraulic couplers to control rear working unit + 1 single action coupler for transport rise
  • Double tandem running gear, balloon-type wheels (18 x 8,5-8) as well as their close position to tine arms provide perfect ground following and very clean raking.

Transverse A) and Longitudinal B) ground following mechanism allows for independent rotor adjustment. Two support wheels and two independent rotors, provide perfect ground following and very precise raking, even with high working speed.

Raking up already deposited crop.
Innovative chassis design
Patent pending height adjustment mechanism, which also lifts the machine to transport position and allows for ideal working height tune up.

Tandem suspension

Tandem axle, 4 wheels and wide tires, allowed for ground pressure reduction, which is important on soft grounds such as peat fields. Minor ground obstacles (e.g. stones) are levelled by movable trolley wheels.

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