Samasz Twist Basket Rake

The Samasz comb side-delivery rake TWIST 600 is designed for quick, efficient and clean raking of hay, straw and green forage.

It can be mounted either at tractor’s front or rear. If mounted at the rear, it can produce raking and pressing simultaneously.

The rake comprises of two working units (drums) powered by the tractor’s hydraulic assembly with two hydraulic motors, the speed of which is adjusted with a special valve TVTC.

The rake’s working units can be lifted by means of two cylinders, also powered by the tractor’s hydraulic assembly. The rake features low weight in relation to its extensive working width.


  • Extensive working width of 6 m = high efficiency
  • Low weight in relation to working width – 770 kg
  • Clean raking = clean forage
  • Mounting at tractor’s front and rear possible
  • High working comfort
  • Simultaneous raking and pressing (hay, straw, green forage) possible = saves time and fuel

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