Samasz Camel Flail Mower Extension Arm

The Samasz Camel Extension Arm with a range of 9m the biggest machine of such type the SaMASZ has to offer. It has slide second part of the telescopic arm. The arm is equipped with independent hydraulic unit by well established manufacturer with cooler featuring 200 liter oil tank.

Its main advantages include quick replacement of working instruments, reliable hydraulics as well as durable construction of arms and links. Application of two choke valves enables smooth and precise arm operation.


  • wide range of work up to 9m (with flail head Lama 120)
  • own independent reliable hydraulic unit
  • durable design of arms and links
  • smooth and precise adjustment of working speed of the arms owing to choke valves
  • 3-point linkage reinforcing bars in standard equipment


  • PTO shaft
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Hydraulic safety breakaway device
  • Hydraulically adjusted second part of telescopic arm
  • Temperature and oil level indicator
  • Oil cooler with filters
  • Cord steering panel
  • Hydraulic lock
  • Supporting brackets – 3-point linkage
  • Electric steering panel
  • 1000 rpm – option


Range of work of Camel 900 arm with flail head Lama 120

Reach [cm]
A 900
B 690
C 660
D 120
E 960
F 520

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