Fieldking Sub Soiler




The FieldKing Sub Soiler is a deep tillage implement specially designed for breaking up hard pan layers and loosening the subsoil allowing for better drainage, root growth and mineral osmosis.

It comes with an optional wide range of roller/ crumbler, which helps in breaking bigger lumps to smaller clods. It also helps in depth control and steady run of the sub soiler.

An adjustable depth & width of ploughing is available for the 2, 3 & 5 arm sub-soilers, with an optional pipe layer attachment available for the 1 arm sub soiler. Depth can be adjusted by top links, and can plough up to 550 mm deep. It comes with a heavy duty pointed chisel.

Optional crumbler available in the 3 & 5 arm sub soiler, and shear bolt protection available in the 5 arm sub soiler.






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