Strautmann Giga Vitesse CFS Silage Wagon

Strautmann Giga Vitesse CFS Silage Wagon

The Strautmann Giga Vitesse CFS Silage Wagon has a large loading capacity and particularly easy towing due to the unique Continuous Flow system (CFS).

  • Loading capacity of 32-42 m³
  • CFS unit
  • Efficient
  • Easy towing

The Strautmann Continuous Flow System (CFS) is the biggest innovation in silage loader wagons for decades. The name “Vitesse” first introduced in the early 1970s means speed/fast and ever since, Strautmann has set the performance benchmark.

Features of the Giga Vitesse CFS Series Loader Wagon

The CFS system consists of an additional driven spiral-drum between the pickup and the chopping rotor (referred to as the Accelerator Drum). This drum evenly distributes the swath across the width of the cutting rotor and knives.

This results in:

  • Increased wagon throughput rate (pickup more silage tons in a day)
  • Increased payload as the wagon is more evenly filled (tighter packed equals more tons per load)
  • Lower power requirements and reduced fuel consumption

Other features

Camless 2.0m wide chain drive pick-up with 6 V-shaped arranged tine bars

The Continuous Flow System (CFS) is a patented Strautmann innovation that:

  • Reduces power required, and fuel consumption
  • Increases the crop weight in the wagon
  • Improves knife wear by more uniformly wearing across all knives, not just the central ones
  • CFS accelerator roller is driven by gear-box, through a friction clutch
  • Guide roller in front of baffle plate
  • Adjustable pick-up wheels ensuring consistent pick-up in all conditions
  • Additional steel wheels behind pick up to avoid scalping the ground on uneven surfaces
  • Electric connection is available for inoculant sprayer

Forage Cutter

  • Loading rotor 840mm diameter with 8 tine rows, in spiral, for an even driveline load
  • 1640 mm wide continuous feeding and cutting without power peaks
  • Hardox 17mm steel tine plates allows for easy and precise scissor-like cutting

Forage cutter rotor is driven by a reduction gear box

  • 45 cutters on a single line for a precise scissor-like cut of 35 mm
  • Blades with double cutting serrated edges can be flipped in-field to give a fresh sharp cutting edge
  • Cutting unit with hydraulic swing-out function via two double-action hydraulic cylinders for release and engagement of blades

Quick-change system for tool-less installation and replacement of blades in seconds

  • Patented individual blade protection system
  • In other products, hard debris, such as stones, are pushed along the length of the knife edge, increasing wear
  • With the Strautmann system, contact at any point on the knife causes the individual knife to be ejected.


  • Front loading gate with integrated automatic loading mechanism, detects the rise of the forage on the front wall and automatically advances the floor to uniformly fill the wagon.
  • Moving floor is hydraulically driven on both sides with variable speed adjustment in 2 speed ranges:
    • Normal speed is for the loading process
    • The high speed is for cleaning out the wagon on the silage pit/slade
    • Galvanized steel floor for long life and smooth push
  • 4 plate-link high tensile scraper floor chains with high breaking load
  • Automatic floor chain tensioning
  • Heavy Duty hydraulically opening rear door – 2 stage
  • Baffle at the top front gate
  • Lighting for load space

Chassis and Drawbar

  • Chassis for 26.5” tyres
  • Integrated hydraulic braking (optional Air-brakes)

Tandem axle with steering – 40 km/h

  • Drawbar with ring hitch or ball hitch (wagon side only)
  • Hydraulic drawbar with double-acting cylinders for greater clearance over the stack
  • Hydraulic accumulator suspension on drawbar reduces shock loads on the tractor during transport for improved operator comfort
  • PTO Shaft with cam clutch and wide angle both sides
  • Road lights, reflectors, signage and drawbar chains to VIC Roads Standards
  • Boogie-chassis with steering axle in series
    • Small pivot point causes the “roll-over-effect” – easy driving and easy roll onto the clamp silage
    • High tension comfort because of the three-coat parabel-tension


SO-bus operation panel

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