Belarus OPL

The Belarus OPL forestry logging semi-trailer mounted to the PL-9 logging semi-trailer of MPT-461.1 vehicle is designed for transportation of brush wood.

The equipment consists from:

  • platforms;
  • two lifting boards established on a platform;
  • hydraulic systems.


Load-carrying capacity 7500 kg
Capacity 15 m³
Weight 1450 kg



Load-carrying capacity, kg, maximum 7500
Weight, kg, maximum 1450
Platform cross-section area with closed side walls, m2 3,5
Объем загрузки, m3 15
Angle of side flaps opening, degree 115°
Working pressure of a hydraulic system, MPa 16
Overall dimensions, mm
with closed sides (length/width/height) 4310/2210/2220
with open sides (length/width/height) 4310/4785/1565

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