Goldoni Cluster 70SN+ Equal Wheel



  • Short wheelbase
  • Maximum wheel grip
  • 1730 KG


The new evolution for equal-wheel tractors.

Tapered bodywork, a tight turning radius, four equal driving wheels or the “variant” version, with smaller front wheels for an even tighter turning radius, and the powerful 66 hp direct injection engines are all features that make Cluster the ideal machine for working between the crop rows of vineyards and orchards with low plants and not much room for maneuvering.

The compact bearing structure keeps the center of gravity low and near to the middle of the machine, achieving an optimum weight distribution so that work can be carried out in full safety when even very heavy implements are used.

Powerful and reliable with the new engines.
Cluster tractors feature the new series 66hp 3-cylinder turbo engines with direct injection. These engines guarantee tip-top performances and a low noise level. They also cut down on consumptions. Designed to provide brilliant results thanks to their optimized power/torque ratio, they can also deliver maximum torque at extremely low engine rates.

Toughly built, complete transmissions.
The transmissions used in the Cluster series of tractors with four equal-size wheels have been designed to guarantee the right ratio for all jobs while maintaining the simplicity that makes them indestructible throughout the years. The two transmissions available feature precise engagements with limited lever travel and include a 12+4 synchronized version for Cluster SN which provides a 1,4 kph to 35,6 kph forward speed range and a 2,4 kph to 25 kph reverse speed range, plus a 16+16 synchronized version with reverse shuttle for the Cluster RS and RS REV tractors. The speeds provided by this latter range from 0,8 kph to 38,7 kph in the forward direction and 0,6 kph to 27,7 kph in reverse.

Tight turning radius.
The steering system of the Cluster RS series is hydraulic, of the power steering type with Load Sensing valve. The 50 degree steering angle makes these specialized tractors highly maneuverable for work between the rows of orchards, vineyards and with the other crops for which they are used.

The truly salient feature.
Goldoni’s Cluster series is right at the very top of its category when it comes to compact size and important weights. The narrow 1372 mm wheelbase and 1770 Kg weight make Cluster a compact machine but with the right weight for guaranteeing both stability and strength. It’s the ideal machine for working between the narrowest crop rows while providing the utmost in comfort for the operator. Goldoni’s Cluster series tractors with four equal-size wheels provides an excellent wheel grip in every situation, on heavy soil, sloping or rugged ground, also thanks to the front axle, which can swing as far as 15 degrees: the tractor remains firmly on the ground in even the most critical conditions, providing unexpected driving power for such a small machine. When he works with one of Goldoni’s Cluster tractors, the operator always perceives a high degree of safety in even extremely difficult work conditions.

Goldoni’s reversible driving system.
Thanks to Goldoni’s reversible driving system, you can work with extreme precision between even the narrowest rows of specialised crops where it would be difficult to work with any other type of machine. The driver’s seat can be turned through 180° in just a few seconds and with a few simple operations. This rotational movement is aided by the transmission’s synchronised mechanical reverse shuttle, which is effective on all ratios.


Hydraulic circuit: a high flow rate for all implements.
The hydraulic circuit, with its 40 l/min flow rate and 2 double-acting supplementary control valves with quick push-pull couplings, is able to satisfy the requirements of the most modern implements used for specialized farming purposes.

Rear power lift: strong and powerful.
The rear power lift with horizontal hydraulic links, also available with position and draft control, has a 1800 Kg lifting capacity

PTO: power whenever needed.
As part of the standard outfit, Cluster tractors have a 540/750 rpm independent PTO that’s synchronized with the gearbox and features a 1” 3/8 profile allowing all the most important implements available on the market to be used.

Designed for the people who drive them.
The Cluster series of tractors with equal-size wheels features a driving seat that can be adjusted as to height and distance from controls and is installed an elastic suspensions. This makes work very comfortable for the operator, who must spend many hours of the day on the job. When it comes to safety, the Cluster series offers a folding safety frame, all the active and passive protections required by EEC standards, plus soundproofed exhaust pipe and bonnet. Moreover, the Cluster series features the Push & Start safety device on the clutch pedal and the lock to hold the power lift’s control lever in the neutral position.


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