Goldoni Star 100 Low




  • Perfectly balanced weights
  • Hydraulic circuit flow rate 43+50 litres
  • Versatile, with high and low clearance versions
  • 63% torque reserve
  • Comfortable driving: platform on ‘silent blocks’ and ‘overview’ cab with air conditioning.
  • Greater efficiency on the job: 40 Kph homologated speed.
  • Strong and flexible to use thanks to the front axle made of spheroidal cast iron.
  • More comfortable for the driver: integral platform and cab
  • Safety: the front drive can be engaged during work and on load, IST or integral braking by definition.


Easily handled, comfortable and planned for all-purpose use: the new range of tractors for integral orchard management are all this and more. Available in two versions, the Star 100 with the 95,2 hp Turbo intercooler engine, Star 90 with the 81,3 hp Turbo engine. The Star tractors can reach a top speed of 40 Kph. The salient features of the range are: the “two in one” transmission, with Dual Power and reverse shuttle, both synchronized, integral braking on all four wheels, the rear power lift  with its generous lifting capacity and the front axle with a steering angle of over 57°.

The gearshift levers at the side are in an ergonomic position and make driving more comfortable. The operator’s platform is fully independent and is installed on Silent-Blocks, keeping the noise perceived by the driver in the cab down to 82 dB. The heated, filtered and air conditioned cab is available as an alternative to the safety frame and completely insulates the operator against noise, vibrations and the substances used for pest control treatments.


Powerful and reliable engines.
The engines that outfit the Star tractors provide lively performances in all operating conditions, supplying an excellent torque reserve with low fuel consumptions. The 4-cylinder 95,2 hp engine that outfits the Star 100 version. But the new Star tractors are also  efficient when it comes to transporting on the roads and towing trailers thanks to their 40 Kph homologated top speed, essential for speedier transport operations and when driving from one field to the next.


That extra something.
Considering the numerous specialistic jobs for which the Star range has been developed, the transmission of these new tractors becomes a very important constructional aspect to which Goldoni has paid the utmost attention. The standard transmission in the new Star versions features 40 speeds (A and B). Using a lever (C), the operator can select the 8+8 transmission with synchronized reverse shuttle  (D), or the synchronized 16+8 transmission with Dual Power (D). In this latter case, each standard speed is reduced by 20%, thus allowing the tractors to be used for the widest possible range of jobs. This basic gearbox, which is also called “2 in 1”, enables the operator to always choose optimum ratios for the work in hand.


Wide steering angle.
The steering system of the Star range is the hydrostatic type with Load Sensing valve which, by handling the way the hydraulic oil is used in the smart mode, leaves most of the available flow for the auxiliary control valves and power lift, i.e. for the implements used by the operator for the various jobs. The 2,9 meter steering radius makes these tractors highly manoeuvrable and specialized for work between the rows of orchards and vineyards, achieving great savings in manoeuvres, consumptions and time. The particular configuration of the front axle allows the machine to achieve steering angles of up to 57 degrees even when it is fitted with the large tyres required to support specialistic implements.


The specialist between rows.
The new tractors have proved to be ideal for use in orchards and vineyards, particularly thanks to their small size and excellent weight/power ratio, allowing the machines to move between the rows without damaging the crops or packing down the soil. But all this doesn’t prevent the tractors from also working efficiently in open field conditions, thanks to their high power. And the range becomes even more versatile thanks to the choice of models, i.e. Star 90, and Star 100 in the two versions: “low”, designed for work with crops whose height is a limiting factor and “high”, for use whenever a high ground clearance is required.


Versatility for all requirements.
Star tractors feature a rear power take-off with two independent speeds at 540 and 750 rpm, plus speeds proportional to the tractor’s ground speed. Use of the economy speed (750 rpm) for implements with a low and medium power draw guarantees low consumptions and a rational use of the actual tractor itself. Alternatively, the 1000 rpm is available for implements which require high rates. All the Star models can be equipped with the front power lift/power take-off unit that operates at 1000 rpm and is independent from the gearbox and rear PTO. It is operated by means of an electromagnetically engaged clutch and can carry out jobs in the combined mode, thus multi-functional implements can work the fields in a single run. The number of runs required decreases as a consequence, thus increasing the productivity of the machines and reducing the risk of the soil from becoming excessively packed down, something that could damage or alter its structure.


Integral braking on all four wheels.
The braking system is of determinant importance in Star tractors, also in view of the high speeds they can reach on the roads. To meet the operators’ different requirements, the range offers two types of oil-cooled multiple plate braking systems that act on the rear wheels or on the front and rear wheels (MAX version). While the front axle has 3 friction discs, the rear one has 6 per wheel, thus guaranteeing the utmost in braking efficiency. This latter integral braking system achieves a powerful and efficient braking action both when the tractor is driven at high speeds on the roads and when it must move amongst the vineyards on hillsides or in mountainous districts where the slopes require a particularly safe and sure-fire braking system. In these conditions, the Star tractors maintain a perfect grip on the ground, providing the maximum degree of safety. And this aspect is boosted still further by the IST device (simultaneous drive engagement), which automatically engages the four-wheel drive whenever the brake pedal is depressed. The front drive can be engaged whilst the tractor is on the move and on load thanks to the button on the mudguard and also engages automatically if any faults occur in the system.


High capacity for all implements.
Designed for the most varied applications in orchards and vineyards, the Star tractor range is also ideal for use with all the most sophisticated implements. The hydraulic circuit provides a considerable quantity of oil for operating the implements and devices fitted to the hydraulic couplings, while up to three rear auxiliary control valves can be installed and two front ones. The rear power lift, with position and draft control modes, features a lifting capacity of more than 2500 Kg. The front power lift, which is available on request and is completely built into the structure of the tractor, has a lifting capacity of about 1000 Kg. During tests, this latter system sensibly improves the machine’s lugging power and stability on the job, allowing even the most complicated implements to “float” to a fair extent.


The advantage of the integral platform.
When it comes to comfort and safety, tractors stand out as modern, avant-garde machines able to improve both functionality and productivity at work. Safety and convenience when driving are guaranteed by the integral platform, assembled on 4 elastic shock absorbers which insulate the driver from vibrations. Then there’s the power steering system with “Load Sensing” valve, the patented and EEC-approved sprung seat and adjustable steering wheel. As an alternative to the safety frame that protects the driver, the Star series is also available in the cab version, featuring a spacious, sound-proofed interior with filtered and conditioned air, plus optimum visibility. Now, the cabin of the Star tractor is also available upon request with a “deluxe” outfitting, which features insulating  and soundproofing linings plus the fabric-upholstered “comfort” seat. The controls are arranged in a functional way in compliance with modern ergonomic dictates, with all the levers in convenient and intuitive positions for the operator. Lastly, this range of Goloni tractors has been equipped with a fully opening bonnet, allowing maintenance technicians to easily and quickly reach all the more important components when routine service.

The latest generation cabs provide a degree of comfort that has never been achieved before in this segment of the market: silence and ergonomics are the key words. All the coupling points between the cab and transmission are insulated by special silicone shock-absorbers with variable damping force. Latest generation materials and specific construction solutions help to maintain a high degree of comfort.

Generously sized side doors make it very easy to access the cockpit. Ergonomics to the forefront as to the position of the controls, which do not interfere with the operator’s movements, while there’s top-of-the-category visibility from the front and rear of the tractor.

Air conditioning 
The powerful heating and ventilating system can be completed with the (optional) air conditioner. A pleasantly comfortable place of work in every season.



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