Goldoni Star 3080 Low





  • The shortest wheelbase in its category
  • Minimum turning radius
  • Maximum stability and wheel grip thanks to optimum weight balance
  • Compact size is the real strong point of the Star 3000 series.
  • Two gearboxes in one with the exclusive patented 40-speed Dual Power transmission and reverse shuttle
  • The steering angle reaches 55° with a 3-meter turning radius.
  • Specialised, compact and reliable tractors by definition.



Goldoni’s Star 3000 series is the optimum answer to the needs of professional users who work in vineyards and orchards: powerful and easily handled, reliable and able to provide an excellent performance, these tractors are the ideal partners when it comes to working in the often difficult conditions in which specialized crops are cultivated. One of the salient features of the Star 3000 series is its compact size.

Powerful and reliable engines.
The Star 3000 series has direct injection 3 and 4-cylinder engines that guarantee an optimum performance, plus a low noise level and economic fuel consumption. These engines, which have been designed to provide brilliant results thanks to their optimized power/torque ratio, are able to deliver their top-most torque rate from a very low engine rate onwards. To safeguard the operators, who spend many hours of their time working on these machines, Goldoni’s specialized tractors are fitted with engines that conform to the most recent standards governing emissions.

That extra something.
To deal with the most different sorts of work, Star 3000 has a Goldoni 40-speed Dual Power transmission available in the 8+8 version with synchronized reverse shuttle or the 16+8 version, which reduces the speeds by 20%. The operator can choose from a wide range of ratios and always has the right gear for every job. The double dry clutch has separate controls. Thanks to such a wide range of speeds, the user always has the right gear whichever sort of work must be done.

Wide steering angle.
The steering system is the hydrostatic type with Load sensing valve which, by controlling the use of hydraulic oil in a modulated way, leaves most of the flow at the disposal of the auxiliary control valves and power lift, i.e. for the implements, thus allowing the operator to do his job in the best possible way. A tight turning radius makes these specialized tractors highly maneuverable when they work between the rows of orchards and vineyards. This does away with unnecessary manoeuvres and saves time. The particular configuration of the front axle allows the tractor to achieve wide steering angles of as much as 55°, even when the machine is fitted with large tyres to support the specialistic implements used.

The prime feature.
The salient features of Goldoni’s Star 3000 series are their small size and low weight, making Star 3000 one of the best specialized tractors on the market. Thanks to their height and width, the tractors can be driven between the narrowest rows in vineyards and orchards. Here, they can work where space is at a premium while guaranteeing the utmost in comfort for the operator thanks to the height of the seat and adjustable steering wheel. Great attention has also been paid to the weight of the machine: Goldoni presents the Star 3000 series as the best combination between low weight (the soil is packed down to a lesser degree) and robust construction. Thanks to the offset axle, which provides greater ground clearance (up to 222 mm), the high version allows the operator to carry out jobs such as  ploughing, chopping brushwood and weed-killing with the utmost efficacy. The small size of the Star 3000 model, the narrow version of which is no more than 1318 mm in width, makes this machine ideal for work between the narrow rows in vineyards. Goldoni tractors feature optimum wheel grip in all situations, in the heaviest soils and on steep, sloping land. This is because the front axle can swing 20 degrees. The tractor remains stable in even the most critical conditions, providing an unexpected amount of drive for a machine of such a small size. The operator always feels extremely safe on board one of Goldoni’s Star 3000 tractors, even when he works in very difficult conditions.

Versatility for every use.
Star 3000 tractors feature a rear power take-off with two independent speeds at 540 and 750 rpm, plus speeds proportional to the tractor’s ground speed. Use of the economy speed (750 rpm)  for implements with a low and medium power draw guarantees low consumptions and a rational use of the actual trac-tor itself. Alternatively, the 1000 rpm is available for implements which require high rates.

Efficient in every situation.
The braking system, which acts on the rear wheels of the tractors, features large diameter oil-cooled multiple discs that guarantee  optimum braking efficiency in every situation and only require very little maintenance.

High flow rates for all implements.
With a flow rate of 39 l/min, 3 rear auxiliary control valves, the hydraulic circuit is fit for the needs of the most modern implements used in specialistic farming practices.

Designed with the driver in mind.
Specialized Star 3000 tractors have ergonomic side levers and a driving seat that can be adjusted as to height and distance from controls, installed on a flexible suspension and with a function that allows it to be adjusted to suit the driver’s weight. This makes the tractor very comfortable for the operator to drive, especially when the job in hand takes several hours. A design with rounded lines and a lowered profile means total ergonomics and optimum, all-round visibility so that both the implements and crops can be kept under visual control, thus preventing the plantations from becoming ruined when work takes place under the foliage. When it comes to safety, the Star 3000 series has a folding safety frame, all the active and passive protections dictated by the EEC standards, soundproofed silencers and bonnet.

The Star 3000 series is pre-engineered for use of ballast when greater stability is required owing to use of heavy implements. The tractors can also be equipped with rounded front mudguards to prevent the vegetation from being spoiled. These mudguards follow the movement of the wheels when the steering angle is at its widest, thus protecting the operator at all times. Also available upon request: adjustable rear field light, adjustable rear drawbar and swiveling tow hook.


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