Lovol TB504





The third generation of Lovol tractor boasts a new body system: its parts have been redesigned and upgraded by our European technical teams on the basis of the original TB/TD series.

With a first-class seal, operating space and inner decoration, the new generation is more fashionable, flexible and much safer thanks to its newly shaped cabs, air-conditioning, skylight, adjustable seats and steering wheels, brand new hoods, streamline LED lights and tail lights.

  • The newest body shape makes it fashionable and dynamic. The one-piece design of its floor and cabin frame guarantees a safe carrying performance and good seal. The hood, with a wide front and a narrow back, provides good visibility.
  • Based on the optimized man-machine engineering, it features good control layout, differentiated colors, a right-hand console, suspending gas and clutch pedals, and a steering wheel below the hand throttle and shuttle. The steering gear is adjustable both forward and backward.
  • The air intake and exhaust pipes are hidden behind the A column in the cab, thus providing a better view.
  • A larger fuel tank capacity makes longer operation possible.
  • It’s equipped with LED daytime running lamps and convex headlights of separated far and near lights. Overall chrome decorated light boxes look beautiful and luxury. Tail lights use U-shape view LED lamps and LED stop lamps, combined with streamline modeling.
  • The whole vehicle is equipped with waterproof plugs and high-standard and reliable insurance. With high-temperature resistant engine lines, its electrical safety and reliability are greatly improved.
  • The new cab also boasts the following features that enhance its comfortableness in addition to its better compliance with ergonomic principles.
    • A larger driving space
    • A three-tier roof with excellent thermal insulation; a front window that enables good ventilation; a transparent skylight with good visibility; and an adjustable sliding window guard.
    • Car air conditioning that defrosts and demists the front windshield; a circular air vent layout; a warming and cooling system integrated together; a temperature range of 24 ℃ ~ 27 ℃.
    • The foaming steering wheel in a new style that looks more beautiful and feels more comfortable.
    • A Grammer-styled luxury seat, compression molded, with its front and back, top and bottom as well as its height adjustable; a file box attached for the seat.
    • Doors and windows use new cross-section sealing strips which guarantee a more reliable seal. Clearance holes between the floor and the outside are covered with caps, effectively preventing dust, reducing noise and improving the cab’s seal.



.Technical parameters

Drive type 4*4
Overall dimension(L * W * H) 4136*1870*(2822/2657)
Wheelbase (mm) 1990
Track(front/rear) 1250-1324/1200-1500
Track(front/rear) regulating method non-adjustable /stepless
Min.Ground clearance(mm) 310
Min.operating weight (with cab)(kg) 2525
Min.operating weight (without cab)(kg) 2320
Counterweight (max)(front/rear) 144/270
Gears(forward/reverse/creeper) 12+12
Theoretical speed of each gear(forward/reverse) 2.37-38.46/2.07-33.71


Brand Xinchai, Quanchai
Engine type 4-cylinder
Intake mode Natural intake
Number of cylinders 4
Bore 98
Stroke 105
Displacement(L) 3.168
Engine rated power kW@rpm 35.3
Rated speed 2400
Type of air cleaner Dry or wet type
Type of cooling system Forced water-cooled
Max. Torque@ revolving speed (rpm) 186@1600~1800
Specific fuel consumption rate at rated conditions (g/kW.h) ≤245
Fuel tank capacity (L) 65

Steering brake system

Type of steering system Hydraulic
Type of steering gear Orbit rotary valve type full-hydraulic steering gear
Type of braking system wet disc hydrostatic control

Transmission system

Clutch type Dry Single-action/double action
Gearbox type Two-axis mechanical gearbox
Gearbox shift mode gear Synchronized shift
Type of central transmission Spiral bevel gear type
Final transmission mode (front/rear) Planetary gear type

Walking system

Frame type Frameless
Tire Model (front/rear) 8.3-20/12.4-28

Working device

Type of hydraulic suspension system Open-center, semi-separated type
Type of linkage Three point rear linkage
Linkage classes Cat. II
Lift capacity(610mm point))kN 9.1
Regulating mode Semi-separated type lifter: Comprehensive force and position adjustment, floating control; Or separated type lifter: Height adjustment, floating control.
Type of PTO shaft Rear semi-detached type
The number of PTO shaft splines 6 splines/8splines
Outer diameter of PTO shaft spline φ35/φ38
PTO shaft speed 540/760 or 540/1000 or 760/1000

Hydraulic system

Hydraulic output flow (L/min) 40


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