YTO 40-55hp

YTO 504 & 554 Series

40 to 55hp

The 40-55hp range from YTO adopt a unique frame style cab which can be equipped with an air conditioning system to provide a high level of comfort for drivers.

In addition, the use of integral floor board replaces many parts with one, which results in a clean and seamless appearance. Furthermore, they can be equipped with a loading device on the front and digging device on the back to make it versatile for many applications.


  • YTO engine delivers high fuel efficiency, generates low emissions, and is eco friendly.
  • Reliable disc brake and OECD anti-turnover bar help ensure the operator safety.
  • Tractor awning is optional for high driving comfort.
  • Step-less adjustment of rear wheel tread makes the operation simpler.
  • Special tires for use on grassland farms are also available, thus making these wheel loaders better suited your requirements.

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