Hanmey Heavy Flail Mulcher




  • The AG Series Flail Mower is a super heavy duty flail mower designed for large areas, roadside verges, orchards and general farm areas.
  • Dual-mount for using at front or rear of tractors.
  • Hydraulic side-shift.
  • Perfect for maintaining more rugged landscape areas including heavy grasses, storm debris, sticks, vines and more areas around farms, properties, parklands and roadsides.




  • Dual mountable because of the double head gearbox
  • Suited to tractors with front & or rear PTO and hydraulic remotes
  • Hydraulic side shift allows the AG flail mowers to cut close to farm boundaries, around obstructions and trees as well as roadsides
  • AG flail mowers are fitted with a high power 50hp gear box
  • Cutting height controlled by adjustable skids
  • High strength mulching blades.



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