YTO 130-160hp

16041604 & 1804 Series

130 to 160hp

Based on European and American technologies, this diesel engine is powerful and fuel efficient.





  • Can supply sufficient tractive force to move large implements.
  • Multiple transmission gears, wide speed range, high operating efficiency
  • Hydraulic steering together with small turning radius makes our wheeled tractor maneuverable and flexible in steering.
  • The use of hydraulic braking ensures reliable braking and high safety.
  • Due to its large fuel tank, YTO tractors can operate continuously over a long period of time.
  • Electro-hydraulic control of differential lock results in effortless operation.
  • Dual rear wheel configuration is optional.


16041604 model

18041804 model


160-180HP Wheeled Tractor Specifications

Model 160HP 180HP
Type 4×4
Overall dimensions (LxWxH)(mm) 5285×2696×2945 5285×2696×2960
Wheelbase(mm) 2848
Min. ground clearance(mm) 459 495
Min. operating mass(Kg) 6740 6880
Tyre spec., front /rear 14.9-28/18.4-38 16.9-28/20.8-38
Wheel tread, front/rear 1680-2176/1620-2200
Gear shift, forward/backward 12/4
Speed range (Km/h), forward/backward 2.25-29.06/4.25-11.47 2.35-30.39/4.44-11.99
PTO power (Kw) 106 118
Lifting force(KN) 36
Diesel engine
Model SC8D190.1G2 SC8D215G2
Type Six cylinder, vertical, water cooled, four stroke, direct injection, turbocharged
Displacement (L) 8.27
Rated power/speed(Kw)/(r/min) 117.6/2200 132.3/2200


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