Samasz Spin S Bale Wrapper

The Samasz Spin S Bale Wrapper is a self-loading wrapper which features a lateral loading gripper, allowing quick and effective operation, as harvesting and wrapping is done during drive to the next bale or storing place. The machine is fitted with a foil cutting and gripping device, user-interference-free limited only to installing a new foil roll. Once the wrapping process is over, the bale can be erected on its bottom by means of a reliable mechanical bale erector, thus reducing the risk of foil damage.

Wrappers are used for wrapping single bales of hay with proper humidity of grass and papilionaceous plants, used to ensilage in form of haylage. Wrapping with foil is done to prevent influence of weather conditions on hay mass formed in a bale, allowing for adequate fermentation inside the wrapped bale.



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