Samasz 2x Rotor Rake – Central Presentation 

The Samasz two-rotor rake features high quality of harvest. Longitudinal and transverse ground following mechanism provides cleaner raking. Z 2 – 780 model is able to rake up green fodder from 7.2 up to 7.6 m (23’7”-25’).

Rake Z 2-840 and main differences as compared with rake Z2-780

  • size increased
  • no manual raking width adjustment, the adjustment is done only by means of hydraulic cylinders
  • driving trolley with castors
  • improved transverse ground following (+/- 8 degrees)
  • applied gears with replaceable connecting rods of longer life
  • introduced new curtain lifting mechanism
  • added side shift width gauge
  • modified working guide assemblies
Hydraulic fold-up mechanism
Hydraulic carousel fold-up. Application of tension springs reduces ground pressure.
Wide 16” rear wheels (340/55-16) facilitate manoeuvring and turning.
Gearbox with extended connecting rods provide long fault-free operation.
Stopper limits the carousel lifting height is particularly useful when turning over headland
Modernised tine shape allows for higher rise over the windrow. Particularly important for larger windrows. Guarantees the cleanest forage.
Machine features forced steering for superior tracking around bends. The system consists of a tie rod, which is attached to the headstock. Two configurations are available: a) tracking the tractor’s path, and b) switching steering rod into central position – rake is trailed like a single axle trailer.

Rake carousels are hydraulically lifted to transport position, main frame is strong and durable Its enables to drive on public roads. Working width does not exceed 2,9 m / 9’6”.

Working width adjustment
Manual working width adjustment mechanism. Hydraulic working width adjustment mechanism (optional).

Axial and transverse ground following

Each rotor uses three tandem chassis. Longitudinal and transverse ground following mechanism ensures perfect ground following and results in very clean fodder or hay harvest. Other advantages of Z2-780 rakes are the same as for Z 410 rakes. Z2-780 rakes is a bright exception in the class of rakes with widths up to 7.6 m (25’) as compared with other manufacturers. Main features are not only transverse and longitudinal ground following, but also a triple tandem running gear per single rotor.

Running gear height regulation
Additional height increase can be done by turning wheel axle around (180°). It enables comfortable work on soft peat fields.

Turning on headland
Thanks to hydraulic rotor lifting mechanism and rotor height stopper, turning on headland leaves the swath intact.

Working height adjustment
Manual working height adjustment – using a winding handle.


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