Samasz Tango 2x Rotor Rake – Side Delivery

The Samasz Tango 2x Rotor Rake combines the functionality of Z2-780 and DUO 680, making 1 or 2 swath rows.

Setting carousels near the central drawbar results in single row delivery, extending them outside makes two rows. New generation, 11-arm gearbox with strengthened connecting-rods has been applied.

Additionally, the rake has a patented “gearbox angle changing mechanism”, which provides protection to drive shafts when lifting the machine to the transport position.

Winding handle
Used for adjustment of working height.
The machine features forced steering for superior tracking around bends. The system consists of a tie rod, which is attached to the two-point headstock.
Gearbox position modification system
The patent pending system eliminates excessive shaft deflection and considerably increases wide-angle joints life.
Front swath curtain
Useful when making two rows – hydraulically folded away when operating on headland.
Hydraulic fold-up mechanism
Hydraulic carousel fold-up. Application of tension springs reduces ground pressure.
Road lights
Provide safe transport on public roads.
Wide 16” rear wheels (340/55-16) facilitate manoeuvring and turning.
Modernized tine shape allows for higher rise over the windrow. Particularly important for larger windrows. Guarantees the cleanest forage.
New gearbox allows for quick and simple connecting-rod replacement.
Stopper limits the carousel lifting height is particularly useful when turning on headland.

Standard equipment:

  • Hydraulic fold-up
  • Tine loss protection
  • Hydraulic swath width adjustment
  • 1 or 2 windrow presentation
  • Swinging hitch
  • Lift height stopper
  • Mechanism providing additional suspension on headlands
  • Working height adjustment
  • Hydraulic swath curtain lifting system – on headlands – Swath curtains
  • Road lights
  • Tandem steering system

Optional equipment:

  • twin wheels


The TANGO 730 is hydraulically folded-up for transport, and facilitates driving on public roads. Transport width doesn’t exceed 3.00 m / 9’10”.

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