Maschio C-Model Rotary Hoe

(60-130 HP)

Maschio C-Model Rotary Hoe

The Maschio C-Model Rotary Tiller is an implement with a wide variety of uses, suitable for medium/large farms and medium power tractors.

These uses include preparation of the ground after ploughing, the working in of stubble and crop residues, the mechanical control of weeds, the breaking up of established grassland and direct preparation without ploughing.

Standard equipment includes:

  •          540/1000 rpm PTO gearbox
  •          Rotor revolutions 540 rpm PTO (4speed): 175-214-262-143
  •          Rotor revolutions 1000 rpm PTO (2speed): 324-356
  •          PTO shaft with slip clutch (1″ 3/8 Z6 tractor side yoke)
  •          Side gear drive in oil bath
  •          Universal three point hitch, Cat. II
  •          Offset front bar hitches
  •          Six blades per flange (side blades are always mounted inwards)
  •          Bonnet spring adjusters
  •          Pair of skids
  •          “Duo cone” waterproof & dust proof rotor oil seal
  •          «CE» safety guards

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