Maschio SC Condor Spiked Rotor

Maschio Condor Spiked Rotor Rotary Hoe

The Maschio SC Condor Spiked Rotor is a rugged and versatile cultivation machine that is used predominantly as a single pass unit.

The spiked rotor design allows the Condor to handle trash and stones with ease, providing a well cultivated seed bed in one pass in most soil conditions. Unlike a rotary hoe, the spiked rotor concept eliminates problems associated with panning.

Gearbox and Drive Unit

All Maschio Condors have a 170 hp rated gearbox which is protected by a PTO cam clutch as standard. The Condor gearbox can be geared for 540 and 1000 RPM operation with a range of rotor speeds. Alternative gearing is included with the Condor for changing rotor speeds. 


The Condor’s frame and headstock is a well proven design that is made from 10mm and 15mm thick steel.

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