Maschio SC-Model Rotary Hoe

(90-170 HP)

Maschio SC Model Rotary Hoe

The Maschio SC-Model Rotary Hoe is designed for large farms and outside contractors. It is ideal for working in particularly heavy conditions.

Its new mechanical structure and wide choice of accessories will enable operators to achieve excellent results on any type of ground.

It is available in this version with the Cobra and Condor type blade rotor.

Standard Features

  •          540/1000 rpm PTO gearbox
  •          Rotor revolutions PTO 540 rpm (3s): 133-162-220
  •          Rotor revolutions PTO 1000 rpm (3s): 181-246-300
  •          PTO shaft with slip clutch (1” 3/8 Z6 tractor side yoke)
  •          Side gears drive in oil bath
  •          Universal three point hitch, Cat. II^
  •          Swinging front hitches
  •          Rear PTO
  •          Six blades per flange (side blades are always mounted inwards)
  •          Bonnet spring adjusters
  •          Pair of skids
  •          Heavy duty barrel type bearings
  •          “Duo cone” waterproof sealings, oil bath lubrication
  •          Third point linkages standard on 280 and wider versions
  •          «CE» safety guards
  •          Version with Ø 570 mm rotor available upon request
  •          Version with outwards mounted side blades available upon request
Maschio SC-Model Rotary Hoe Specifications

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