Hanmey Heavy Duty Flail Mower

The Hanmey Heavy Duty Flail Mower EFGC & EFGCH models are stronger and more powerful for maintaining more rugged landscape areas including heavy grasses, storm debris, sticks, vines and more around farms, properties, parklands and roadsides.

  • Ideal for thick grass, sticks, undergrowth and light vine mulching
  • Vegetable & pasture topping
  • Roadside maintenance.


  • The EFGC & EFGCH Series are heavy duty flail mowers that are strong and reliable for heavier work loads.
  • The low weight and power requirement of the flail mowers make it suitable for use with small to medium sized tractors.
  • The EFGC & EFGCH range of flail mowers are fitted with a high power 50hp gear box and robust drive line to give hassle free mowing
  • Cutting height controlled by adjustable skids
  • Extra strong and designed with safety in mind
  • Support leg for storage
  • Solid hitch.




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