Berends Warrior Contractor Slasher

Berends Contractor Slasher

Galvanised slashers to suit the serious contractor.

The Warrior is the strongest slasher in the range. Unlimited HP Italian gearbox.

  • 5 Year Manufacturers warranty
  • 5 Year Gearbox warranty
  • Extra strong build 6mm top plate with exceptionally strong perimeter and centre tubular crossmembers – where it counts.
  • Adjustable reinforced skids. Contractor option fitted with ‘additional’ runner for wear.
  • Two-pack paint finish. Contractor option has hot dipped galvanised body.
  • Headstock made from heavy angle and RHS and fitted with top link with either floating or fixed positioning. Optional chain stays available.
  • Bondioli & Pavesi (Italian) Series 8 pto driveshaft with integrated 4 plate slip clutch protects slasher and tractor.
  • An integrated clutch means less wear between the clutch and pto shaft.
  • Unlimited HP oil lubricated Italian gearbox with unbreakable 90mm output shaft.
  • Twisted and stepped 75 x 16mm Boron slasher blades create an updraft effect which lifts the grass flattened by the tractor wheels. All bushes are through hardened.
  • Made in Australia, the blades are hardened and tempered in the 40-45 Rockwell range. This range gives excellent hardness while delivering strength and fatigue resistance. Any harder and they potentially become brittle.
  • Hardened and tempered spring steel rotor blade assembly. Bolt head protection allows easy changeover of blades.
  • Dual puncture proof solid rubber wheel kits enable easy depth control. Standard with contractor option.
  • Front and rear chain kits are standard with easy to replace chain pieces.
  • Cat 2 three point linkage as standard.
Berends Contractor Slasher Specifications

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