YTO 70-90hp

YTO X700, X704, X800, X804, X854, X900 & X904 Series

70 to 80hp

The diesel engine, which is manufactured using advanced British technology, delivers large torque, high fuel efficiency and low emission. 

The transmission system is made on the basis of Italian technology. The top speed can be more than 35km/h.


  • The full hydraulic steering system is utilized for easy operation.
  • High safety is ensured due to the use of the wet disc brake.
  • Optional new cab is not only elegant but also can be equipped with an air conditioning system to offer the driver a high level of comfort.
  • In addition to built-in master cylinder, two auxiliary cylinders can also be used, resulting in increased lift force (30kN).
  • The wheel loader adopts double action clutch. German LUK clutch is available.
  • PERKINS engine is also optional.

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